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3m Yak in My JR color scheme.                                 

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The Workhorse  ZDZ 210  good for 3.3 YAK, and 50% Cub

ZDZ engines have rotary valves*. This is one of the main reasons for the incredible throttle response of ZDZ RC gas engines. Most engineering experts agree that the rotary valve has brought the two-cycle engine its highest degree of efficiency and performance.

Available in 40CC  to 420 CC sizes

Key Benefits

  • All ZDZ engines that use a rotary valve with fixed induction timing must use a unique starting procedure as compared to their piston ported or reed valve inducted counterparts.
  • All two cycle gas engines require a mechanism to close off the carburetor from the crankcase during part of the cycle. A number of methods have been developed by two cycle engine designers. The most popular, only because it is inexpensive to make, is the use of a metal reed that closes the opening to the carburetor when the pressure in the crankcase increases. This method works well at low engine RPM, but has problems  permitting enough fuel to enter at the higher RPM ranges. The Rotary Disc Valve is a thin steel disc that is attached to the crankshaft and by the means of slots cut in the disc alternately opens and closes the opening to the carburetor. The opening is designed to produce an even idle, instant throttle response AND a wide throttle power band. ZDZ® began using reed valves but has since modified or designed their newer engines to use Rotary Disc valves. A significant increase in engine performance was thus achieved. The inline ZDZ® engines and the quad 160 cc still use reed valves, as there is no practical method to incorporate a Rotary Disc Valve in these engines.

  • Light weight design  Simple answer; by design. The  ZDZ® cylinders and crankcases use  investment castings designed with both strength and lightness in mind. The cylinders walls are plated with Nikasil, a space age concoction of microscopic Silicon Carbide granules  held together by a matrix  of Nickel. Silicon Carbide provides the harness and Nickel the slipperiness.

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Description Price
ZDZ 210B2 1595
ZDZ Super 160 1675
ZDZ 100B2NG Twin 1145
ZDZ Super 80 825
ZDZ 50NG 585
RCS 250 Radial 4175



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Last modified: August 25, 2009