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Christmas Eve, hosting some of my Reiki students.
Here I am with my partner Richard Muehlbronner!Photo by old friend Dr. Joseph Price, MD.

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Home Life:
     I am blessed, and constantly challenged, as I share my home
with my vibrant Leo partner Richard and our 'blended family' of four loving and entertaining kitties: it's not easy, being a quintuple Gemini!  Jezebel and Miss Jane Russell head up the clan, with the two young male charmers, Baby Bart Simpson and Mr. Bronner keeping everyone lively and on their toes.  Richard is the 'green thumb' in the family, and monitors the lives and welfare of all the house plants, Yard People and cacti.  It's a colorful life...

Here we are at a Day of the Dead party,
honoring all the ones who have come before us.

People who do healing work always have a great vitality for life and living!  Here we are on the Day of the Dead (November 5, '05), at the home of Anastasia and Clint Cleaver, honoring the Buffalo Nation (Richard wearing the buffalo tooth) and the native people of Turtle Island (me).  Richard was a tree surgeon for 18 years and loves all manner of Green People.
Photo taken and kindly provided by Judith Jurgaitis.

     I've been teaching and holding classes of many kinds in my wonderful old stone house for over 20 years.  We've had fire ceremonies in the fireplace, Medicine Wheels built in the garden, and many classes, talks and demonstrations inside the house.  All of the classes have to do with some aspect of healing, whether hands-on, lecture, meditative, hypnotic, modern or ancient, quiet or full of sound, as in our drumming circles!
These have included:
  •  Shamanic Drumming and Journeying
  •  Shamanic Counseling
  •  Past-Life group workshops
  •  Private Past-Life Regressions
  •  Human Potential workshops
  •  Reiki Energy Healing trainings and lectures
  •  Reiki Practices (Free eve.: 3d Monday)

As with any kind of ceremonial work which is based on love and respect for the earth and all her creatures, the blessings from all of these happenings have permeated the house and the land.  There are indigenous 'elders', Old Ones who lived on the land over 200 years ago, who show up from time to time, in non-ordinary reality, when we are traveling on the drum.  They are happy to see that we are focused in an earth-honoring way.

     We're on the Northwest edge of Philadelphia, PA, near the community of Chestnut Hill.  We're easily reached via SEPTA public transpor-tation: train (R7) or  bus (L).  Both stop very close to our location.  Please see   

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Bears always love to dance and play...
...and we offer many dances at Birdsong Chamber!

     The Bear, in many indigenous societies, is a helping spirit, or 'totem', with very strong healing 'Medicine'.  She helps me on a personal plane, for my own health and wellbeing, as well as supporting work I do with my private clients and students.  Whether I am asking for physical healing, doing a Soul Retrieval to help heal a client's  wounded spirit, or facilitating traditional Reiki Energy healing, s/he focuses and magnifies whatever healing effort is being made. Often Bear gives me valu-
able insights into the cause and possible solution to the problem. I honor Bear for decades of sweet friendship and unflagging support.
How I received my name:
During a shamanic journey (traveling on the drum), I went to the  Lower World
to spend some time with Bear, my totem. I was surprised to be taken to sit with the Bear Shaman (who has the collective wisdom and power of the entire Bear Nation).  He showed himself to me as a male human form, similar in look to a Native American person.  He led me to an ancient stone kiva (ceremonial chamber) where he brought me into ceremony; during this time he took out my heart and said it was too small for the healing work I would be doing. After replacing it, he said, "And now you will be known as Bear Heart."
    It was some time in the spring afterwards that I met my teacher's Sun Dance Uncle, Marcellus Bear Heart Williams.  He was the presiding elder at an all-night honoring ceremony for my teacher Joseph Rael (Beautiful Painted Arrow).  Joseph was honored for the successful completion of his (Southern Ute) Sun Dance Vision, and the establishment of 20 Peace Chambers at U.S. and European loca-tions, to avoid a world war.
    Had I met Grandfather Marcellus before my own ceremony, I would have doubted the truth of my naming, maybe attributing it to wishful thinking on my part.  However, the Bear Shaman got to me first, even to the extent of guiding me years earlier to a special pair of ceremonial earrings which contained my name in images.  So I received the name and endeavour to carry it well.

My spirit helper relaxing.
I always want to honor the Bear nation and pray for their wellbeing.

In this picture, Bear is reminding us
 to 'Chill Out' and remember to enjoy stop and listen
for the peace in every moment.  Each animal 'Nation' has a particular strength or 'Medicine', and Bear understands all the facets of living in health and balance.

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Hummingbird visited me on vision quest...
and reminded me of all the beauty in every day.

A few more family members...

Grandpa Turkey Vulture vists us at the sweat lodge
Turkey Vulture resting
...and reminds us to finish up and clean up our stuff!