M issale Romanum

Resources for studying the Traditional Latin Mass (Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite)

  1. Here's my word-for-word, term-by-term translation of the Traditional Latin Mass, the so-called Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite. A few observations:
    1. Like Rick Kephart's Interlinear Translation, this translation is meant to help people like me who are learning the Latin of the traditional Mass. It doesn't really add anything new; it's essentially a Latin student's translation exercise. Homework answers.
    2. Originally, I wanted to create sentence diagrams. But I haven't figured out how to do that efficiently. So, instead of sentence diagrams, I use colors to indicate case and sentence structure ( NOM, VOC, ACC, ABL, GEN, DAT, V, VT ).
    3. Also, along the same lines, my translation of each term includes the sense conveyed by the grammatical case. Hence, for example,

      I will go into to, toward, unto [unto] the high altar of God

    4. I'm using William Whitaker's WORDS to do most of the real work: analyze the grammar of each Latin term. A thousand thanks to him. Move your pointing device over the colorful Latin words to see grammatical information from William Whitaker's WORDS program.
  2. Here's some of my notes on Latin grammar
  3. Here's a list of endings for conjugations & declensions, helpful when examining gmr.xml.
  4. Here's my list of useful HTML entities (á, æ, &c)
  5. Latin language resources at Una Voce
  6. Latin Mass resources at SanctaMissa.org
  7. Latin Mass resources at EWTN
  8. The great Scanlon & Scanlon
  9. Lingva Latina vocab
  10. LatinLanguage.org

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