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The Thibault Lute Manuscripts

Questions concerning their whereabouts

Madame Geneviève Thibault (Comtesse de Chambure) owned one of the largest modern libraries of precious manuscript and printed lute books. Many of these from her library in Neuilly-sur-Seine were for the most part bequeathed to the Bibliothèque national in Paris (there were reports of litigation).  The references in Roman numerals are to Wolfgang Boetticher,  Handschriftlich überlieferte Lauten- und Gitarrentabulaturen RISM B vii (Munich, 1978), 227-32, and under “Now,” to current shelf number at the Bibliothèque.


Thibault I: DI GIO: GIACOMO ZVCHO Jntabulatura di leuto di uarie sonate.  Ca. 1615. 68 Italian dances (Galiarda, Ballo del Gran Duca, Spagnoletta, Barriera, Canario, etc.) for 6-course lute, most without composer attribution (two attr. Santino Garsi).  Now Rés. Vmd ms. 31.


Thibault II: [Lute Book in Italian Tablature for 7-course lute].  Ca. 1610. 78 Italian dance and abstract pieces (Ballo franceze, Pass’e mezzo, Ricercata, Balletto, etc.) with one piece attr. Santino Garsi.  Now  Rés. Vmd ms. 29.


Thibault III: (olim Bibliothèque Henry Prunières until 1944): Jntabolatura di Chitarone al vso d’Jtalie & alter Prouincie.   Ca, 1625.  37 pieces, many attr. Kapsberger.  Now Rés. Vmd ms. 30.


Thibault IV: [“Thibault Lute Book”] Ca. 1510.  113 pieces for 6-course lute.  Frottole (some for voice and lute) by Tromboncino, Cara. Luprano, Capirola, Pesante, motets by Isaac and Tromboncino, chansons by Busnois and Hayne, Italian dances (calata, pavana, saltarello, piva, etc., and ricercars).  Now Rés. Vmd ms. 27.  (Facs. Minkoff)


Thibault V: Questa libro è di Martino. Ca. 1615. 64 Italian pieces for 7-course lute (A casa un giorno, Spagnoletta, Passa mezza in tenor, Fantinella, etc., and madrigals with underlaid text).  Now Rés. Vmd 28.


Thibault VI: (olim  Bibliothek Dr. Josef Pölzer in Vienna until 1961): Album amicorum de Johannes David Keller à Schlaitheim. Ca. 1663-1682. 97 pieces for 11-course lute and 59 in pitch notation.  Suite movements (Allemande, Sarabande, Gavotte, etc.) and other pieces attr. to Bocquet, Sage de Richée, Strobel, Gautier, Gumprecht and Mercure.  The keyboard pieces are attr. to Wolffgang Ebner and include works for voice and cimbalo from Lully operas.  Now Rés. Vmf  ms. 48. 


Thibault VII: (olim Aleksandra Polinski in Warsaw, olim Bibliothèque Henry Prunières, Paris, until 1944).  MS Prunières-Weiss II, “Venetijs 7. 7bre 1712.” 129 pieces, most grouped into suites, by S. L. Weiss, Sigismund Weiss, Losy (11 pieces, including two duets and a partita in score for flute, cello and lute), Bocquet, Corelli, Dufaut et al.  For 11-course lute.  Now Rés. Vmc ms. 61.


Thibault VIII: (olim Bibliothèque Léon Vallas in Lyons): MS de Lyon.  Ca. 1680.   33 French suite movements by Gautier le vieux, Dubut, Mesangeau, Bocquet et al.  For 11-course lute.  Now Rés. Vmd ms. 15


Thibault IX: (olim Bibliothèque Prunières until 1944). Fantaisies et Preludes composées  par Mr  Weiß à Rome.  Ca. 1710. Two suites, a fantasia and fugue, and three individual movements by S. L. Weiss, a tombeau by Gebel, and 48 Lutheran chorales (some with variations) for 13-course lute.    This manuscript was not included with the original lot acquired by the Bibliothèque. Now Rés Vma ms. 1213.  (Thanks to T. Crawford for an update)




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