Helms Surname From Past To Present

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   The following is the Genealogy of Alan Keith Helms as it pertains to the Helms surname beginning with George and Tillman Helms
The Helms Family Tree From Past To Present

Helms Family Genalogy

Members of the Helms family arrived in Southeast Alabama during the 1830s. They left Union County, North Carolina, and traveled in a wagon train with several relatives until they reached Barbour County, Alabama. Some of them spread to neighboring counties such as Dale, but the majority settled permanently in Coffee County. A number of the relatives eventually settled in Covington County during the later 1800s. This family's name originated from the German word Helma, which means a protective covering or helmet.

The earliest generation of Helms known were residing in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, before they migrated to Richmond County, North Carolina. Three brothers finally settled in the Richardson Creek community in Union County. Around 1770, these families helped establish the Helmsville community, which later became Monroe, the current county seat of Union County.

Three brothers, Tilman, George Sr., and Jonathan Helms, were regarded as planters who planted crops for other people as well as owning their own plantations. They became leaders in their community and were interested in local politics. Several descendants married into politically prominent families such as the Polks. George and Tilman helped build the High Hill Primitive Baptist Church on land which they donated for the church and a cemetery.

Tilman/Tillman/ or Tilghman Helms who was born circa 1727 was married to Rachel Craig who was born circa 1735. They reared the following children: William, b. ca 1754, m. Rebecca Broome; Jacob, b. 1758, m. Anna Presley; Mary, b. 1760, m. Richard Presley; Tillman, b. ca 1762, m. Elizabeth Presley; Sarah, b. ca 1765, m. Rev. Jacob Helms (son of George Helms, Sr.); Susannah, b. ca 1767, m. Col. David Ritch; John Whitehead, b. 1770, m. Lavina Helms (daughter of Jonathan Helms); Elizabeth, b. ca 1771, m. William Broome; Pheobe, b. ca 1773, m. Abraham Helms (son of George Helms, Sr.); and Isaac, b. ca 1775, m. Mary Ann Mullis. The three spouses named Presley were the children of Thomas Presley of Chesterfield, South Carolina.

Tillman's brother, George Sr., was born in 1720 and died circa 1800. He was married in 1744 to Mary Margaret Fortenbury/Faulkenberg/or Fotenborough.

It is from these two brothers (Tilman and George Sr.) that our branch of the Helms family begins and at present our Helms family tree begins here. Further research is being done by several professional genealogist that may one day carry our tree back even further. Links to those sites may be found at the top left hand of this page.

We begin with brothers Tillman Helms and George Helms Sr.----My Great Great Great Great Great Grandparents!

Tillman Helms was born about 1716 in Gloucester Co., NJ. He died about 1800. He married Rachel Craig in 1744. She was born about 1720. She died after 1800 in Anson Co., NC.

 Tilman & Rachel Produced the following children:

  • Isaac Helms was born in 1760
  • William Helms was born in 1756.
  • Jacob Helms was born in 1758.
  • Mary Helms was born on 2 May 1760.
  • Tilman Helms was born in 1762 - 1825
  • Sarah Helms was born in 1765.
  • Susannah Helms was born in 1767.
  • John Whitehead Helms was born in 1770 in Anson Co., NC. dies aft. 1850. He married Lavina Helms (daughter of Jonathan Helms and Elizabeth Smith). She was born about 1770.
  • Elizabeth Helms was born in 1772. Married William Broome Born Abt. 1772
  • Phoebe Helms was born in 1774 in Mecklenurg Co., N.C.

George Helms Sr.. was born about 1720. He died about 1800. He married Margaret Faulkenburg in 1744 in New Jersey. She was born about 1730. She died after 1800. May be daughter of Jacob or Isaac son of Henry. Her maiden may also be Faulkenborough or Fortunbury. Other publications list her as the later Faulkenborough.

                           Gerorge Sr. & Margaret produced the following children:

  • John Blackhead Helms. was born in 1756. He died in 1820 in Lincoln Co., NC. He married Susannah Pressley. She was born in 1752.
  • George Helms Jr. was born in 1760. Died 1838 Married Sarah Presley b.1756
  • [Reverend] Jacob Helms. was born in 1760. He died after 1830. He married Sarah Helms. They lived in South Carolina.
  • Phoebe Philipena Helms was born on 10 Jan 1764 and Died 1849. Married Captain Charles A. Polk born July 29 1732-1821. Captain Charles Polk was of the Mecklenburg County N.C. Polks and is the uncle of President James K. Polk - Phoebe was Polks 2nd wife (his first was Mary Clark - they had 6 children) Phobe and Capt. Polk had 7 children: i. Charles Polk, Jr., born March 15, 1784 in Mecklenburg Co., NC; died Abt. 1829 in Union Co., NC; married Elanor Shelby. ii. William Polk140, born April 10, 1786. Notes for William Polk: Migrated to Hardeman Co., TN. iii. Susanna Polk140, born June 19, 1788; married Thomas Love. iv. Ezekial Washington Polk140, born June 09, 1791. Notes for Ezekial Washington Polk: Migrated to Hardeman Co., TN. v. Martha Washington Polk140, born May 14, 1794; married Moses Shelby. Notes for Moses Shelby: Moved to TN. vi. George Washington Polk140, born September 18, 1799; married Margaret Garman December 04, 1823; born May 10, 1804. vii. Eleanor Polk140, born January 16, 1804.
  • Isaac Helms. was born in 1767. He died in 1838. He married Nancy Agnes Laney (daughter of George Laney and Mary Flynn Welch). She was born in 1770 in North Carolina.
  • Abraham W. Helms was born in 1771 in Mecklenburg Co., N.C. Died 3/22/1852 in Barbour County Alabama

From the families of Tillman and George Helms Sr., Phoebe Helms and Abraham Helms were born. Phoebe and Abraham were 1st cousins but appearantly they fell in love and married. In these times it was probably not uncommon for this to happen as the population was much smaller than today and pickens were slim! Abraham was a reverend or preacher if you will. From Phoebe and Abraham were born the following children.

 Phoebe Helms 1774 - ? married [Reverend] Abraham Helms 1771 - 1852 

Phoebe & Abraham produced the following children:

  • Absalom Helms 1792 - ? married Jane
  • (Dau.) Helms 1794 - ?
  • (Dau.) Helms 1796 - ?
  • Daniel Helms 1798 - ? Near Monroe, N.C. Mecklenburg Co., N.C. Now Union Co
  • J. Walker Helms 1800 - ? maried Phoebe Hargett
  • Denman Helms 1802 - 
  • Evan Helms 1804 - ?
  • Abraham (Abram) Helms 11/20/ 1816 - 1880
  • Hilliard Helms 1817 - Aft 1880
  • David Helms 1818 - ?
  • Charles Helms 1820 - ?
  • Henderson Helms 1/22/1809 married Abigail Crowell - not listed under the Gerald Helms Research - Found by Sharon Helms through family records and interviews. She also list' two Sons  born in 1812  and 1814 possibly died in infancy no other listings found.

As Above: From the offsprin off Phoebe and Rev. Abraham Helms comes Evan Helms. He is the next descendant in our family tree. For those of you following he is my GGGG Granfather. Evan married Winney Unk and they had the following children.

Evan Helms 1804 - 1862 married Winney Unk 1800 - ?

Evan & Winney produced the fiollowing children:

  • Sarah Helms 1829 - ? in N.C.
  • Jane Helms 1829 - 4/18/1907 married Louis Griffin 1829 - ?
                                children: Joel L. Griffin 1862 - 1921, Fannie Hale 1866 - ?
  • John William Helms 1832 - married Cornelia Howard 1840 - ?
                               children: Sarah Frances "Sallie" or "Fannie" Helms 1867-?
                               William Peter "Buddy" Helms 1868 - 1942  married * Martha Selina Fowler 1876 - 1956 
    2nd Wife: of  John William Helms: married Sarah Jane Martin 1832 -  issues: Luther Absolom Helms 1876 -1943 married: Lassie Moncie Fowler 1878 - 1964 : Lassie was the daughter of my GG Grandparents John Wesley Fowler and Arminda Ellis (Possibly Hobgood) Fowler. Lassie was also the sister of Martha Selina Fowler my Great Grandmother.  
  • Hooley Helms 1834 -
  • Absolom Helms 1836 -
  • Joel Helms 1840 - 1911 mar. Mary Elizabeth Matilda Newberry 1856 - 1929 ... Joel and Mary Elizabeth had the following Children: 1. Ollie Helms, 2. Evan Helms, 3. William Absolom Helms 1875 - ?, 4. Joseph Benjamin Helms 1879 - 1933 married Dollie Jane Hibbs 1882 - 1927,  5. James Bailis Helms 1881 - 1956 married Jessie Leana Stimson 1886 - 1942, 6. John Thomas Helms 1883 - 1900,  7. Jacob LaFayette Helms 1885 - 1919 married Isabella Reynolds 1891-1919, 8. Solomon Ellis Helms 1887 - 1957 married Easter Carolina Williams 1885 - 1970, 9. Nancy Jane Helms 1889 - ?, 10. Sarah Ann "Sally" Helms 1890 - ? married Monroe Taley Shew 1885 - 1953, 11. George Washington Helms 1892 - 1949 married Pluma Ann Edge 1893 - 1981: (Pluma was the daughter of Acey G. Edge & Rejina Sims Edge. My GG Granparents on my granmother Venice's side), 12. Loather Paul Helms 1893 - 1955 married Katie Hill Wood 1904 - 1986, 13. Nannie Iola Alma Helms Butler 1898 - 1973 married Hoyt Gaither Butler 1890 - 1950
  • Winney Helms born between 1840 to 1842 Cherokee Co., Alabama
  • Sallie Helms born Cherokee Co. Alabama - Not listed by Gerald Helms or other Helms research - Found by Sharon Helms family records and interviews.


As above: From the offspring of Evan Helms and Winney Unk came John William Helms. He is the next branch on our family tree. John William Helms married his first wife *(see previous page for 2nd wife) Cronelia Howard and they had the following children. John William and Cornelia are my GG Granparents.

John William Helms 1832 - married Cornelia Howard 1840 - ?

John and Cornellia Helms Had the following children:

  • Sarah Frances "Fannie" or "Sallie" Helms 1867 - ? Tyler, Texas: married Morgan Martin. Children: Willie Martin, John Martin, Lee Martin, & Ellis Martin
  • William Peter "Buddy" Helms 1868 -1942 married Martha Selina Fowler 3/25/1876  - 10/25/1956 ** Please follow the links to Fowler Genalogy Pages in the site navigation area of each page.

As Above: From the offspring of John William and Cornellia Howard Helms came: William Peter "Buddy" Helms. (My brother Peter is named after "Buddy")

William Peter "Buddy" Helms married Martha Selina Fowler. "Buddy" and Martha Selina were my Great Grandparents. My brother Peter is named after him. The Fowlers have a complete page dedicated to them on this site.

William Peter "Buddy Helms and Martha Selina had the following children:


  • Meddie Floie Helms Giles 4/2/1893 - Murdered 1/1/1951 married J. Frank Giles. children: Ruby, Raymond, Wilbur, Mildred, Edna, Melba, Mytrice Edwardean.( Meddie Helms was murdered after attending a watch night service on New Years Eve at her church by Dwight Dukes over a dispute involving money owed to her husband Frank Giles for a cow. Dukes went to Meddie and Franks house to kill Frank. Unfortunately Meddie trying to fend off the attack sufferred a shotgun balst meant for Frank and was killed. Dukes was sentenced to 25 yrs. in prison and was realeased on parole after about 5 yrs.)* Information provided by James Karon Helms and Adet Helms 
  • John William "Will" Helms 6/24/1901 -1907 married Saddie Edwards (sister of George Edwards - husband of Mettie R. "Minnie" Helms): children: Carolyn, Eloise, John William Jr., Jannice, Gwendolyn, Deuron.
  • Mettie R. "Minnie" Helms Edwards 11/1/1903 - 10/23/1958 married George Edwards. children: Wayne, W.D., Aaron.
  • Luther Lee Helms 3/7/1905 - ? married Bessie Long: children: Marilyn, "Buddy" Odis Lee, Howard Euclid ( Jack), Talbert.
  • Clyde Edward Helms 5/6/1907 - 10/22/1971 married Venice Regina Edge (*My Grandparents) children: Durward Wilburn Helms (*My Father), Billie Sue Helms White, Jerry Edwin Helms, Mary Beth Helms Webb, Gail Ellen Helms Hale, Marie Adet Helms Stephens, William Randall Helms.
  • Howard Milton Helms 2/14/1909 - 1907 married Lucille Tallent children: James Karon (James Karon married Janice. children: James Karon Helms Jr., Keith Alan Helms, Sylvia Marcelle (Helms) Lindsey), also children of Howard:  Rayford, and Darrel.
  • Maurine Helms Meadows - 8/22/1910 - ? married Carl Meadows. children: Dan,Sharon (Ann).
  • Edith Carrie Ella Helms Meadows 12/12/1913 - ? married Egene Meadows (Carl Meadows brother)
  • Etta Louise Helms Pearson 5/31/1916 - ? married Lamar Pearson. children: Sammy, Barbara Kay, Jan.
  • Luther Lee Helms ( died 10 months colitis)
  • Pauline Helms (died 18 months - diptheria)

As Abose: From the marriage of William Peter Helms and Martha Selina Fowler comes: Clyde Edward Helms.Clyde was my Grandfather.

Clyde Eward Helms 5/6/07 - 10/22/71 married Venice Regina Edge 4/12/10 - 12/31/1995

Clyde Edward Helms born Round Mountain Ala. 5/6/1907 – 10/22/1971 Married:  Venice Regina Helms born Round Mountain Ala. 4/12/1910 – 12/31/1995

Clyde Edward and Venice Regina (Edge) Helms had the following Children:

  • Durward Wilburn Helms: b. Round Mountain, Ala. 7/23/1932 – 9/28/1987 married: 9/11/1955 to: Glenda Paige Whitley: b. Franklin, VA. 5/14/1936 (Glenda remarried 12-26-1998 to Kenneth Alan Sterling) 

Children of Durward and Glenda Helms:

  1. Alan Keith Helms: b. Franklin, VA. 6/28/60 - married: 8/12/1989 Star Ann Harrison b. Franklin, VA. 7/29/63 – no children
  2. Peter Whitley Helms b. Davenport Iowa 6/29/1954 – married (1st) Andrea Caroline Falcone

Children of Peter and Andrea Helms:

  1. Amber Adet Helms b. Franklin, VA. 8/8/89
  2. Courtney Leigh Helms b. Franklin, VA. 1/18/95

Peter 2nd marriage 2003: To: Monique Karrisa Kish b. Wilkes-Barre, PA. 9/25/1969

Children of Peter and Monique Helms:

  1. Makayla Danielle Helms b. Suffolk, VA. 5/13/2004    
  2. Zachary Connor Helms b. Franklin, VA. 5/23/08


  • Billie Sue Helms b. Round Mountain Ala. 5/5/1936 married: 5/27/1954 to: Earl F. White

Children of Billie Sue (Helms) and Earl White:

  1. Larry Franklin White b.  5/20/1955 d. 10/9/2007
  2. Rebecca Alice White b. 3/31/1957
  3. Clara Kathleen White b. 4/16/1959
  4. Jerry Michael White b. 1/24/1961
  5. Martha Denise White b. 11/12/1963
  6. Gregory Paul White b. 10/1/1965


  •  Jerry Edwin Helms b. Round Mountain Ala. 1/9/1939 – d. 5/2/1990 Elkins W VA.

Married: 4/3/1964 to: Sharon Hammer

Children of Jerry and Sharon Helms

  1. Christina Renee Helms b. 8/2/1966
  2. Tracie Marie Helms b. 9/30/1974


  •  Mary Beth Helms b. Round Mountain Ala. 11/12/1944 Mariied: 6/11/1961 to: Thomas Webb

Children of Mary Beth (Halms) Webb and Thomas Webb:

  1. Joseph Clyde Webb b. 6/8/1962
  2. Thomas Steven Webb b. 11/8/1963
  3. Douglas Randall Helms b. 11/30/1966
  4. Samuel Edwin Webb b. 12/5/1969



  • Gail Ellen Helms b. Round Mounrtain Ala. 1/18/1948 Married: 11/4/1972 Cherokee County Ala. to: Alan Randall Hale b. Gadsden Ala. 10/4/1949

Children of Gail Ellen (Helms) Hale and Alan Randall Hale:

  1. Matthew Ryan Hale b. Birmingham Ala. 12/7/1977



  • Marie Adet Helms b. Round Mountain Ala. 11/30/1950 Married: 3/12/1983 to: Francis "Frank" Stephens --- No Children:


  • William Randall Helms b. Round Mountain Ala. 10/15/01954 (U.S.M.C. retired) Married: Lolita (Lilly) Batistis (2nd marriage)

Lollita Batistis' children from previous marriage:

  1. Maria Ethel Helms b. Philipines 4/6/1971
  2. Norman Batistis Helms b. Philipines 5/1/1972

 Children of Randall and Lolita Helms:

  1. William Randall Ryan Helms b. 2/6/1979



To our present day family: There are so many so many names to add from present day offsprng that it is a little overwhelming at times. If you don't see your name on here now please be patient and you will be added in time. Or if you simply drop me an email and include your mother and fathers name, your birth date, your place of birth, and any other pertanent information I will be glad to as you on right away. Thanks!

All Content provided by Keith Helms