All Natural Treats for Your Special Pet
No Preservatives, No Additives, No Fillers!
Locally made in Stockton, NJ

         Bandit’s Biscuits are Veterinarian Approved!


All Natural, Fresh Human-Grade Ingredients

NO Salt, Preservatives, Additives, or Fillers

Hand rolled and cut to approximately 1”x1” squares

Baked and dried to hardness


Shipping is via USPS Priority Mail
and is free anywhere in the continental US
for orders of seven (7) or more bags.

We sell bulk quantities upon request!
For pricing information or to place a bulk order,
please email us at banditsbiscuits@verizon.net.

A portion of all profits are donated to Canine Cancer Campaign.



Treat your favorite pet today!
We currently have 4 tasty varieties:

Bandit’s Biscuits
Our original healthy treat contains whole grains, homemade chicken stock, peanut butter and a hint of honey...irresistible! – $5.00, 10 oz bag


Bandit’s Better Breath Treats
Breath-freshening biscuits containing fresh parsley and mint - $5.00, 10 oz bag


Bandit’s Veggie Snaps
Garden goodies full of fresh carrots, spinach and garlic.
This is a CORN-FREE treat. – $5.00, 10 oz bag


Bandit’s BaNutter Bites
Fashioned from memories of childhood: bananas, peanut butter, and honey…yum! This is a WHEAT-FREE and CORN-FREE treat. – $7.00, 10 oz bag


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