Like the old Corvair Forward Control trucks that now grace the two-bay barn, the search for a vintage camping trailer consumed a lot of time and attention until the correct trailer presented itself. Having grown up traveling the country during the summer months in Airstreams, camping has always been in my blood. The Greenbrier served our camping needs for more than fifteen years (and it still does), but the idea of owning a trailer never left me. I wanted one that was light enough to be towed by the Corvairs for local camping trips and car shows, but one that would be comfortable enough for longer trips while being towed by something a bit more modern and powerful.

The Airstreams I grew up traveling in are highly collectible today and the older and smaller ones, those capable of being towed by a Corvair FC, demand incredibly high prices in all states of repair…if one can even be found for sale! I had grown up aware of Scotty trailers as well, and these seemed like a good option to fit my needs. Not knowing that I would eventually stumble upon a vintage Airstream for a reasonable price, a silver Scotty seemed the next best option. Finding the National Serro Scotty Organization website ( online assisted my search and helped me to understand the various camper models produced by the Serro Travel Trailer Company as well as years of production. Scottys were produced from 1957-1997. The earliest ones were very crude in their construction (picture several sheets of plywood stapled together with a few 2” x 2” cross members), but served to get thousands of families into the camping scene at a low cost. From 1957-1963, Scotty trailers were sided with silver aluminum. Affectionately known as Silversides, these trailers ranged from 10’-15’ and offered a very basic and very lightweight camping package. Later Scotty trailers bore the famous Scotty Turquoise and white paint scheme. 

Vintage Scottys weigh between 975 and 1525 pounds and tow easily with small vehicles. Several models were offered over the years including Sportsman Juniors (10' tear drop trailers), Sportsman Seniors (13’ and 15’ trailers), and Highlanders which could be up to 18’ in length and allowed more standing height. Floor models included Gauchos (front dinette/rear fold out couch/side kitchen/closet), Matress models (front dinette and always-made rear bed/side kitchen/closet), and Front Kitchen models (front kitchen cabinets, large rear dinette that collapses into a King size bed/closet). I decided from the website that I really liked the Front Kitchen model, which was perfect for two people. I also decided that I hoped to own the oldest and most reasonable Scotty I could find. 

Through some e-mail contacts and networking, it was determined that a 1961 13’ Front Kitchen model was available in Michigan. The owner of the Scotty Organization’s website had purchased it and fixed it up for her parents who no longer wished to camp. The “for sale” sign went on, but not for long. After a few phone calls and more details were discussed, a price was agreed upon and Lynn and I drove out one November weekend before Thanksgiving 2008 to pick up the newest vintage vehicle to the stable. 

Lynn and I determined a good color combination to use for the interior of the Scotty, and the longest months were those winter months that separated me from working on the old trailer. Eventually the weather did break and I set about removing old and incomplete plumbing and electrical components and revamping and creating cabinets and drawers where needed. A few other details included removing the old LP gas support from the trailer tongue, adding air conditioning, rewiring the interior for 110V outlets and 12V lighting, polishing the exterior, and repainting the frame and tongue. Inside, a “beach theme Scotty” emerged. 

We took the trailer on its first camping trip with us over Memorial Day weekend 2008. It also served us well for several other camping trips this past year including a 16 day trek around the entire perimeter of Florida. Though it is small, it provides a perfect, comfortable, and simple living quarters while on the road. The Serro Scotty motto: “Travel Right. Travel Light. The Scotty Way.” 

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