North Bergen Federation of Teachers (Local 1060)

small logo Constitution and By-lawsof the North Bergen Federation of Teachers

Article I

The name of this organization shall be the North Bergen Federation of Teachers, Local 1060.

Article II

The Purpose of this Organization shall be:

Section 1. To obtain and protect for all unit members the reights to which they are entitled, both as teachers and citizens in a democracy.
Section 2. To raise the standards of the teaching profession by securing professional development opprotunities essential to unit members.
Section 3. To promote democracy in education and education for democracy.
Section 4. To secure for all unit members an active and equal voice in the establishment of professional standards.
Section 5. To oppose any political, religious, economic, or sex discrimination in the school system .
Section 6. To cooperate with organizations having mutual aims for initiating and promoting social, educational, and labor welfare to the end that democracy may be better served in these United States.

Article III

Section 1. This union shall affiliate with the Central Labor Union of Hudson County, the New Jersey State AFL-CIO, the New Jersey State Federation of Teachers, and the American Federation of Teachers
Section 2. This union may affiliate with such councils and bodies whose aims are in agreement with the objectives of the union as outlined in Article II. Such affiliations shall be determined by a majority vote of members in good standing present at a regular meeting.

Article IV

Section 1. Membership shall be open to all teaching and clerical staff members, and to all other staff members represented by the bargaining agent and employed by the Board of Education. Retired members may remain active status by the payment of dues equal to the sum of per capita dues to all affiliated bodies.
Section 2 Should a question arise as to weather a position or title is in the bargaining unit, this question shall be subject to review by the Executive Council and a decision made by a majority voite of the members present at a regular membership meeting.

Article V
Nominations and Elections

Section 1. The following positions are to be filled at the annual elections: president, three vice presidents, recording secretary, corresponding secretary, and treasurer. To be eligible for office a person must be a member in good standing of the orginization for a period of one year prior to the date of the election.
Section 2. The necessary delegates to conventions and councils of affiliated bodies shall be nominated by the president or membership and approved by the membership at a general meeting, except in those cases as designated by law.
Section 3. The president will form a nominating committee, whose function it will be to present a list of eligible candidates for office to the membership at the regular meeting in March. Nominations may also be made from the floor at this meeting. Between the March and April meetings, the general membership will be informed of all prospective candidates. After the April meeting, nominations are closed. At that time, the recording secretary shall case a vote electing all uncontested candidates.
Section 4. Elections shall take place on the Tuesday of the week prior to the regular meeting. Ballot boxes will be provided in each school and the Board of Education office. Installations will take place at a reorganization meeting to be held the first or second week in June.
Section 4(a). Elections shall be by secret ballot. Only those members in good standing as determined by a list provided by the treasurer, which will be sent to each school and the Board office, shall be eligible to vote.
Section 4(b). Elections will commence at sign out time in each school and will continue for forty-five minuets thereafter. At the Board office, the election will commence at sign out time and for fifteen minuets thereafter.
Section 4(c). The Executive Council will appoint a person or persons to conduct the elections in each school and the Board office, and a Chief Judge to supervise the entire election.
Section 4(d). Ballot boxes will be sealed and transported to a central location for tabulation.
Section 4(e). Challengers for each presidential candidate or slate may be present during the voting, may accompany the ballot boxes to said central location, and may be present during tabulation.
Section 4(f). Absentee ballots will be made available to any or all members eligible to vote, but not present in school on election day. Such ballots will be available prior to the election up to and inculding the time of the closing of the polls.

Article VI
Officers and Their Duties

Section 1. The officers of the union shall be a president, three vice presidents, recording secretary, corresponding secretary, and treasurer. The president shall be empowered to appoint one of the three elected vice presidents as executive vice president.
Section 2. The president, with the advice of and consent of the Executive Council, shall at the outset of his.her term deisgnate the order of succession to the presidency, should an emergency arise and the president, or the president and one of more of the officers, be unable, temporarily or permanently, to carry on their official duties. The line of successors shall be chosen from among the officially elected officers. When and if the president is able to resume his/her duties, he/she shall do so immediately.
Section 3.

The president:

  1. Shall be the presiding offier at all meetings of the membership and the Executive council
  2. Shall be an ex-officio member of all standing committees except the Elections Committee.
  3. Shall appoint, witht the approval of the Executive Council, the chairs of all standing committees and special committees.
  4. Shall be responsible for the ongoing administration of the organization.
  5. Shall be one of the responsible finicial officers of the organization and shall authorize or co-sign finacial instruments and make regular and usual disbursments of funds.
  6. Shall represent the organization before bodies of the employer, executive and legislative officials, or appoint a designee to do so.
  7. Shall be, by office, a delegate to the convention of the American Federation of Teachers and meetings or convetions of its affiliated subordinate bodies.
  8. Shall make an annual address to the membership of the organization.
  9. Shall be able to delegate the responsibilities of the office except where otherwise specified by the constitution.
Section 4.

The Executive Vice-President:

  1. Shall assume the duties of the President in the event of the absence, illness, or death of the president.
  2. Shall preform other dutires ad selegated by the President or assigned by the Executive Council.
  3. Shall co-sign finicial instruments in the absence of the PResident or Treasurer.
Section 5.

The two remaining Vice Predisents shall divide the following duties, at the Presidents discretion:

  1. Shall with the consent of the PResident, act as Local Site Coordinator for local ER&D program.
  2. Shall oversee a committee to coordinate activities to increase membership.
  3. Shall act as Grievance Coordinator to assist the President in legal cases, including grievances and arbitrations.
  4. Shall perform other dutires, assigned by the President, in response to local needs.
Section 6. If in an extreme emergency, the above officers should be unable to perform their duties, a president pro tempore will be chosen by a majority of the Executive Council. In instances not covered in the previous sections of this article, a vacancy in any office shall be filled by the president and/or Executive Council members and approved by a majority vote of the Council members present at the meeting.
Section 7. The recording secretary shall act as the secretary of the union and of the Executive Council. Shall record the minutes of all meetings, and maintain the non-finicial files and records of the organization.
Section 8. The corresponding secretary shall issue all necessary notices and shall have charge of all outside correspondence that has to do with the business of the union.
Section 9.

The Treasurer:

  1. Shall receive, record, and deposit all dues monies and other income in the name of the organization.
  2. Shall maintain accurate membership records.
  3. Shall issue membership cards and notices of delinquency.
  4. Shall be one of the responsible financial officers of the organization and be autorized to co-sign financial insturments and make regular and usual disbursments of funds.
  5. Shall maintain all financial records of the organization.
  6. Shall arragne for an independent audit of the finances of the organization annually and make available same to the Executive Council and the membership.
  7. Shall transmit per capita payments on a regular basis to the Secretary-Treasurer of the American Federation of Teachers and similar officers of all other bodies with which the organization is affiliated.
  8. Shall oversee the work of and receive reports from the Budget Committee.
  9. Shall perform other duties as delegated by the President.
  10. Shall perform duties of the office as required by state and federal law.


Article VII
Executive Council and Duties

Section 1. The Executive Council shall be composed of officers of the union and representatives from each elementary school, the various departments of the high school, and the Board of Education office. These representatives shall be appointed by the president. The Grievance Director, Chief Negotiator, and the C.O.P.E. Director shall be voting members of the Executive Council. The Executive Council shall monitor expenditures and shall conduct business of an administrative nature throughout the year. Among the duties of the Executive Council will be to consider the annual budget and unusual expenditures before they are presented to the general membership for a vote.
Section 2. Committee chairpersons may also be present at Executive Council meetings.

Article VIII

Section 1. Amendments of the Constitution may be proposed by a motion of amny member in good standing at a regular meeting.
Section 2. Such proposed amendments shall be presented in wirting to the recording secretary and shall be acted upon at the next regular meeting, all members having been notified of the proposed amendments or amendments in writing ten days prior to the meeting.
Section 3. A vote if two-thirds(2/3) of the members present shall be necessary to pass such an amendement.


I -- Meetings

  1. Parliamentary procedure is to be followed at all meetings.
  2. Regular meetings of the union shall be held every month of the school year. Meetings shall be held in the thrid week of every month during the school year unless otherwise designated and announced at least seven days in advance. A meeting list will be displayed in each school from the beginning of the school year.
  3. On fourty-eight (48) hours' norice special meetings may be called by the president/or the Executive Council. Special meetings may also be called at the written request of 20% of the membership in good standing. The notice of a specail meeting shall state the purpose of the meeting and no other business shall be transcated unless designated by the president, acting as chairperson of said meeting.
  4. The Executive Council will meet at least twice per year. The president may call additional Executive Council meetings at his/her discretion.

II -- Recall

  1. All elected officers shall be subject to recall.
  2. Petition for recall of officers shall be signed by not less than twenty-five per cent (25%) of the membership in good standing. All recall petitions must state the reason for the recall.
  3. Petitions for recall will be fowarded by the Executive Council. A two-thirds (2/3) vote, taken by secret ballot at the next general meeting, shall be necessary for removal from office.

III -- Quorum

  1. Not less than ten per cent (10%) of the membershup at a general or special meeting of the union shall represent a quorum.
  2. Not less than nine (9) members of the Executive Council shall constitute a quorum.
  3. If a quorum is called for and found not to exist, the meeting is adjourned.

VI -- Dues

  1. The dues of the union shall be .63% of the starting salary plus per capita dues to parent organizations and insurance expense.
  2. Members on sabbatical, sick, maternity, or other leave of absence, can continue in good standing upon payment of dues equal to the sume of per capita dues to all affiliated bodies plus insurance costs.

V -- Committees

Committees and their chairpersons shall be appointed by the PResident with the approval of the officers.

VI -- Honorariums

Honorariums shall be reviewed annually by the Budget Committee which will make recomendations for changes, when necessary. The changes must then be approved by a majority vote of the Executive Council.

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