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Keeping the Conversation Alive

I want to remind you and possibly introduce some of you to an important committee that works on your behalf in the life of our congregation. The Staff Relations Committee has six members who are appointed by the Coordinating Council to serve for a term of three years. The primary role of this committee is "to foster constructive communication between the congregation and the staff and to implement the congregation's responsibility for the professional and personal well-being of the staff by:

1. Strengthening staff-congregation relationships through mutual exploration of the role of staff leadership and congregational responsiveness to this leadership.

2. Counseling with staff members regarding their continuing education program.

3. Reviewing with the Board of Trustees the annual compensation of the Pastor and other staff."
UBBC Constitution, p. 15

I have found this committee to be a helpful sounding board as I reflect on my pastoral ministry at UBBC. Each meeting I am given time to share reflections on my work, which includes concerns, celebrations, hopes and dreams. I also review my upcoming schedule, plans for continuing education, professional growth and vacation with the committee. This time of sharing is the beginning of a conversation where committee members share both affirmations and concerns about our ministry together. Committee members share personally and on behalf of other congregational members.

Meetings are a time where I feel listened to and called to listen carefully. I enjoy working with this committee because the conversation is usually lively, heartfelt, and prayerful. We know that our conversation - our listening, sharing, probing, and exploring - is important. And while on the surface it may seem to be another 'church meeting,' for me it is often a time of discernment that helps me review and focus my efforts in ministry.

Current members of the Staff Relations Committee are: Bill Schrader and Daryl Gregory (05), Carolyn Bellanti and Casey Goodall (06), and Nancy Dixon and Tom King (07). These are the persons with whom you may share affirmations and concerns about UBBC staff and our ministry together. The committee meets about once a month during the school year and welcomes your input. If you have any questions about this committee and its work talk with me or one of the six committee members.

Keeping the conversation alive,



Bonnie Kline Smeltzer

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