Tongues During Night

by Brian Collins


I had several very powerful dreams last year in which I was speaking in tongues. And then after waking up I could feel a spiritual presence in the room either hovering over me or standing beside the bed. Also my wife has had several dreams of me speaking in tongues as well. What is the general consensus in this group about dreams of speaking in tongues?

I thought that it was very strange at the time, yet wonderful and very powerful all at the same time. I thought that it was strange because I do not yet speak in tongues today in real life, although I have desired to and have prayed for it for some time now. I prayed for the Baptism of the Holy Spirit for the first time a couple of years ago during a Dr. Henry Malone deliverance ministry meeting ( ). At the time I felt hot and weak in the knees and also smelled the most wonderful fragrance of roses in the air. I guess I did not receive the gift of tongues at that time. Different groups teach different things, one group teaches you can receive gifts and don't have to get tongues, while another group teaches you always get tongues as first evidence. Some groups believe in tongues only as other languages given when needed as in the case of missionaries. Of course there are always the frozen chosen groups who don't believe in tongues given for today. What is the real truth? Personally I believe in tongues as a gift of the Holy Spirit. I have been given a couple of dreams from God which tells me that I will be given tongues "when it is time", so I am guessing that I just need to wait on Him and continue to pray in faith for the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. Any suggestions yall?

Response #1 from Yahoo Groups Dreams From Him:

I expereinced that: I was dreaming and woke up speaking in tongues. My husband, who was not "into that" at the time, (and still really isn't) thought it was the most bizarre thing he'd ever witnessed. Well, true, different groups teach different things. In real life, I have the gift of tongues which I only use when in private prayer because that's what I personally feel is right for me. For others, it can be much different. It depends on the individual person and their expereiences.

I cannot deny there is still a gift of tongues today: that heavenly language- groanings in the Spirit, etc. I have witnessed tongues being used by people in ways which I inately knew were not appropriate; like showing off. It upset me a great deal, but hey, I could have been having a bad hair day. The Lord says to work out your OWN salvation with fear and trembling. To me, that means finding your own, personal understanding of the Lord and by the teaching/leading of the Holy Ghost. What works for one may not work for another. In other words, one group may not find tongues to be of any value. Does that mean ALL the work they do is then null and void? I doubt it! If they are teaching the Word of God and if their hearts (which only the Lord can know) are right with God, who is to judge?

On the other hand, another group may be right into the manifestations of the Holy Spirit. For some, that may not be anything but entertainment. To some, it may be too frivolous and out of control. Again, just because SOME don't agree, does that mean the group that hungers after the Holy Spirit's presence is WRONG? Nope. If their hearts are right with God (which only God can know), and if they are teaching and believing the Word, according to its correct context/interpretation, then hey, leave them alone.

Working out your own salvation means resolving all these "issues" privately, with the Lord within yourself. At least that is how I have learned it to be. Some say tongues are of the enemy. Now to me, that is really going too far! Grieve not the Holy Spirit! Be careful. Don't judge anything but according to the teaching of the Holy Ghost in you and weigh it up by the Word of God. If it doesn't sit right in your spirit and your conscience does not agree, then it's probably because the Lord is telling you it's not right FOR YOU and maybe for anyone. He says He will guide us into all truth. I feel very strongly, that each one of us has the awesome responsibility of going directly to God through Jesus for all wisdom, knowledge and understanding. It's a MAD world.

Response #2 from Yahoo Groups Dreams From Him:

This is something I have been experiencing for many years. When I inquired of the Lord about this, He spoke to me about Anna, the prophetess, who stayed in the temple, day and night praying. (Luke 2:36-38) He then said, "In the natural, is this possible? Can any person do without food and drink always, never talk to anyone, never stop praying, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?" When I replied, "No Lord," He said, "It was Anna's spirit that stayed before me constantly, just as it is your spirit that stays before Me constantly." Felt like I should share this with you. I hope it is a blessing to you.

Response #3 from Yahoo Groups Dreams From Him:

I would say that your dreams of you speaking in tongues are telling you that you already have the gift. Your subconcious mind already knows this and manifests it to you through these images in your sleep. Your subconcious mind prays and intercedes in the spirit while you sleep. However, I don't know what the hindrance is in your mind during your waking hours that prevents you from speaking in tongues. Hmm . . . I'm going to suggest something to you that I never have suggested to anyone before but it came to me to tell you this. Please feel free to reject it if it does not bare witness with your spirit. However, there have been times when I was unable to pray audibly so I prayed in tongues within my mind (for lack of a better explanation). Just like you speak within yourself or think words, try speaking in tongues within yourself. As you hear the heavenly angelic language within, let it come out of your mouth. Again, if this does not bare witness with your spirit, feel free to reject it.

Response #4 from Yahoo Groups Dreams From Him:

My friend experienced something very similar. I was witnessing to her and we were discussing the Holy Ghost. She never really thought about speaking in tongues because she felt like she was already filled. I explained to her that the tongues are your evidence (but they are also more than that.) She went home that night and had a dream that she was fighting a demon. She said she began to speak in tongues in her dream and she overcame the demonic force.

I will tell you the same thing I told her...your spirit man is ready to recieve what God wants to give you. You want and need these tongues. My friend came to church and we worked with her. She was so close to recieving him fully but she kept getting distracted. My Pastor realized that she had a spirit of unforgiveness in her that needed to be dealt with before the Lord would fill her. I am not saying that there is something in you that you need to be delivered from but just make sure that you have repented of all things so there is nothing there.

Tongues are your evidence. They can be languages from other parts of the world as well as the tongues of angels. When you speak in tongues they edify your spirit man. It is very intimate espeically during worship. Many say that you need an interpreter that is true if you are up before the church with a word from the Lord and you are speaking nothing but tongues. We would need an interpreter to know what you are saying. Satan copies all things. People that are demon possessed can speak in tongues too, that is why the interpreter is need to make sure that it is of God (or the spirit of discernment). You can activate angels through your tongues. When you pray in tongues the Holy Ghost is interceeding for you. Many times you may not know what to pray, but the Holy Ghost will say all that needs to be said directly to God. Some people can only speak in tongues when they are high in the spirit, and they may not can speak fluently. BUT when you have the GIFT of tongues you can speak fluently, and you may be able to speak more than one language. As you relationship deepens or as you go through different phases, you tongues can get more fluent or even change. If you can just began to speak in tongues in time of the day, no matter where you are, you have the gift. But say you are in deep worship and that is the only time you can really speak that is just the evidence. Both are needed and are important. Tongues are one of the lower gifts to have one of the highest gifts is prophecy.

Continue to pray that God will give you the Holy Ghost and the evidence. When you are at church, especially during worship, when you feel his presence all over you to the point that you just cry from being engulfted in your mouth and let your tongues flow. Many times we hold our own selves back because we a scared...what is it going to sound like, will I sound foolish? Don't worry about it. Let loose and let God take contol of your whole mind and body think on nothing but him. I guarantee you will get filled. When he is all around you like that he desires to be inside of you. And when the Holy Ghost shall recieve POWER!

Response #5 from Yahoo Groups Dreams From Him:

your flesh wars against the spirit. I see that as having two minds . the natural mind does not want to speak in tongues . The flesh is not raised to do the things of the spirit . You may have received the HG and your tongue will fight against the spirit talking . so at night when your carnal mind is - out cold- the spirit mind takes over the tongue . because it is so vital to let the HG speak .

When you are asleep the brain I call flesh brain is asleep and what I call spirit brain is awake and is willing to be spiritual . A lot of times one will receive the Holy Ghost and not speak in tongues because the flesh is not willing to give into spiritual ways . This happened to my son . How do I know that he had received ? when I did not hear his spirit announce its(his) arrival?? Because the HG speaks through me and said (as we were praying with him for his filling) :I am now in him . but he did not speak in tongues for almost a year . The tongues will come when you get REAL emotional . because it is then that your control lowers and you are more apt to give in to the ways of God . If someone feels they have been filled but do not speak in the tongues of angels , I suggest you do what stirs your spirit and begin to praise Jesus with love over and over without stopping until you speak in tongues. hope this helps