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The origins of the Tracy family are unknown.  Abram Tracy was born in about 1804 in Pennsylvania and appears in Ohio in the mid-1800s.  He eventually moved to Missouri.

Updated: May 2013

    Abram Tracy was born about 1804 in Pennsylvania. (1)
    Abram married Sarah Krouse, who was born in about 1810 or 1815 in Pennsylvania. (2)
    Children: (3)
    Joel, born Aug. 31, 1833.
    John, born about 1838.
    Marion, born about 1840.
    Sarah, born about 1841.
    Another boy with a name something like Hansberry, born in 1845.
    Abram, born about 1845 or 1846.
    Mary, born about 1851.
    The Tracys lived in Gilboa, a small town in Putnam County, Ohio.  Abram was a cabinetmaker, according to the 1850 Census.
    The Tracys moved from Ohio to Clay Township, Adair County, Mo., sometime after 1851, because the 1860 Census indicates that their 9-year-old daughter, Mary, had been born in Ohio.
     In the 1860 Census, Abram is listed as a farmer owning real estate valued at $2,500 and personal property valued at $625.
    The census records indicate that neither Abram nor Sarah could read or write.
    Abram appears to have died at age 66 on March 16, 1869, in Adair County.
    (1) 1850 Census of Gilboa in Blanchard Township, Putnam County, Ohio, and 1860 Census of Clay Township, Adair County, Mo.  (2) Sara’s maiden name comes from Hancock County Record of Death 4, page 36, which lists her son Joel’s death.  The 1850 Census says she was 35 but the 1860 Census says she was 50.  (3) The 1850 Census lists the children, except for Mary. Some years of birth may be wrong, because Joel’s was.  In addition to these children, a Nancy Tracey, age 21, and a Lewis Tracey, age 7 months, are listed in a neighboring household.  The name of the head of the household appears to be something like Anarius Zellers or Zellus.  The 1860 Census lists Abram and Mary.  (4) General Index for Adair County Gravestone Inscriptions  

    Joel H. Tracy was born in Aug. 31, 1833 in Ohio to Abram and Sara (Krouse) Tracy. (1)
    Married Eliza Beagle Bash. (See below.)
    Children: (2)
    Martha May, born May 31, 1873.  Married
George Price.
    Sarah Belle, born in Nov. 23, 1869.  Married Noah Helms.
    On Nov. 26, 1868, Joel married Eliza Beagle. (3)  Eliza was born about 1832 in Ohio to
John and Matilda (Selsom) Beagle. She was probably born in Muskingum County. (4)
    Eliza was the widow of Samuel Bash, who is said to have died of “a broken heart” on May 8, 1865 while serving in the Union Army at Camp Chase, Ohio.  The Bashes had five children: William H., born about 1855; Thomas G., born Aug. 18, 1857; John, born about 1860; Ann (Dietelbach), about 1863; and Samuel D., born Feb. 14, 1860. (5)  Samuel signed up on March 27 and served as a private in Company E of the 197th Ohio Volunteer Infantry, which was the last regiment organized by Ohio before the end of the Civil War.  It was organized at Camp Chase between Jan. 8 and April 11.  The unit left Camp Chase on April 25, which may indicate that Samuel was too sick to move since he died less than two weeks later at the camp.  He was buried at Green Lawn Cemetery in Columbus. (6)
   In the 1870 Census of Madison Township, Hancock County, Ohio, Joel is listed as a 36-year-old farmhand. He owned real estate valued at $250 and personal property valued at $150.  The census also lists: Eliza, age 26; Sarah, born in November 1869; and Eliza’s children from her marriage to Samuel Bash, W.H., age 15; Samuel, 10; Anna, 7; and John, who’s listed as 17. 
    The 1880 Census of Jackson Township, Hancock County, lists Joel as a 44-year-old farmer.  His household also included: Eliza, age 48, keeping house; Sarah B., 10; and Martha, 7
    Elsworth Price Sr., Joel’s grandson, wrote that his older brothers told him that Joel had a little pug dog and “could make the best fried potatoes they ever ate.”
    Eliza died in 1900.  That year’s census, which was taken on June 25, shows Joel living alone in Jackson Township.
    Joel died Sept. 28, 1909 of Angina Pectoris. He died at the home of his daughter, Martha, east of Arlington, Ohio. (7)
    (1) Hancock County Record of Death 4, page 36.  (2) Martha’s death certificate from Hancock County, Ohio, dated May 1, 1922.  Sarah’s death certificate from Hancock County, Ohio, filed Dec. 20, 1926.  (3) Hancock County Marriage Record 5, page 184.  (4) Parents’ names listed in “History of Hancock County, Ohio,” by Warner, Beers & Co., page 788.  The Mormon’s International Genealogical Index says Eliza was born Dec. 22 1831.  Her tombstone says “Eliza Bash, wife of Joel H. Tracy, born 1832, died 1900.”  Eliza’s birth in Ohio is listed in census records.  It seems very likely that she was born in Muskingum County because her parents lived there during much of the 1830s.  However, the death certificate of her daughter Martha May Price – recorded in Hancock County, Ohio, on May 1, 1922 – says Eliza was born in Houcktown in Hancock County.  (5) Thomas’ parents and birth date are listed in his death certificate, filed June 4, 1920, in Hancock County, Ohio.  John’s parents and birth year are listed in his death certificate, filed Dec. 23, 1931 in Paulding County, Ohio.  Samuel’s parents and birth date are listed in his death certificate, filed May 21, 1934, in Hardin County, Ohio.  The other names are listed in the unpublished genealogy compiled by the Bash family.  (6) “Official Roster of the Soldiers of the State of Ohio in the War of the Rebellion, 1861-1866,” by William McKinley, Vol. X, pages 230 and 677.  The book lists his last name as “Bush.”  The fact that it was Ohio’s last regiment is mentioned in “Ohio in the War,” by Whitelaw Reid, page 743.  The Bash genealogy mistakenly listed Samuel’s unit as the 147th Ohio Infantry.  (7) Eliza’s date comes from her tombstone and Joel’s comes from the Hancock County death records.

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