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The origins of the Frederick family are unknown at this point.  Peter Frederick apperas in Marion County, Ohio, in the 1830s.
Updated: August 2013



    Peter Frederick was born in February 1792 in Pennsylvania. (1)

    Married Fanny, who was probably born in New York. (2)

    Children: (3)

    Jacob, born May 11, 1825.

    According to Jacob's obituary, Peter and Fanny had five daughters and two sons.  The 1840 Census indicates that a young boy and three girls lived in their household.

    Jacob’s obituary also states, “He moved from Chillicothe to Big Island in his youth.”  Chillicothe is in Ross County, Ohio, and Big Island Township is in Marion County, Ohio.  If Peter’s family actually lived near Chillicothe at one point, it was probably part of the large Frederick clan that settled in Green Township, Ross County, just before 1800.

    The first Fredericks to appear in Ross County records are George and Peter, who paid taxes in Green Township in 1810. (4)  “The County of Ross, History of Ross County, Ohio,” from 1902, describes the family as follows: “The Frederick family was also prominent in the early history of the township.  The parents were middle aged people when they brought a family of four sons and two daughters from Pennsylvania, and settled in Green township, in 1799.  The sons were named Peter, Daniel, Henry and Solomon.  The father entered a section of land on the Kinnickinnick, about three miles east of the present railroad station bearing that name.  This farm comprised much rich bottom land, while the upland was covered with fine walnut and hickory timber.  On the death of the parents, the land was divided among the children, and some of them spent their lives upon the old farm.” (5)  The history then goes on to describe the service of Peter, Henry and Solomon Frederick in the War of 1812.  The three were part of the Ohio militia contingent that surrendered to the British at Detroit in 1812.

    It’s possible that Peter lived for a while in Tuscarawas County, Ohio.  The 1830 Census lists a Peter Frederick whose household in Warwick contained a male under 5, a male 15-19, a male 30-39, a female under 5, a female 5-9, a female 10-14, a female 15-19 and a female 30-39.   These ages line up perfectly with the family that is definitely Peter’s in the 1840 Census.  If it is the same family, the two older daughters moved out and two additional daughters were born between the two censuses.  Comparing the numbers in the two census listings gives a total close to the five daughters and two sons mentioned in Jacob’s obituary.  It’s possible that one girl died very young and wasn’t counted among Jacob’s siblings.  No Jacob Frederick appears in this county in 1820 or in 1840. (6)

    At some point before the 1840 Census was taken, Peter moved to Big Island Township in Marion County, Ohio.  The census indicates that Peter Frederick’s household contained a male 10-14, a male 40-49, a female under 5, a female 5-9, a female 10-14, a female 15-19 and a female 40-49.

    Peter apparently operated a hotel in Big Island Township.  “History of Marion County, Ohio and Representative Citizens,” from 1907, states: “In 1831 Big Island had three stores and two taverns. Mr. Morgan kept hotel in a brick building in the place, which was afterwards conducted by D. Thurlow, John R. Knapp, Sr., Peter Frederick and Hiram Halsted.” (7)

     Peter died May 2, 1852, and is buried at Pleasant Hill Cemetery in Big Island Township.  Fanny died June 13, 1869 and is buried beside her husband. (8)

     (1) Peter's tombstone says he was “Age 60y 3 m” when he died May 2, 1852, according to the transcriptions of Pleasant Hill Cemetery in Big Island Township, Marion County, Ohio, at  The 1880 Census says Jacob's father was born in Pennsylvania and his mother was born in New York.  The 1910 Census of Marion, Ohio, states that Jacob's father was born in Ohio and mother was born in Virginia.  Also, Peter was probably part of the Frederick family of Ross County, Ohio, will originated in Pennsylvania, according to 1902's “The County of Ross, a History of Ross County, Ohio,” edited by Henry Holcomb Bennet, 1902.  (2) It is possible that her name was actually Fanny Elizabeth.  Her son Jacob's death certificate lists his mother as Elizabeth and his obituary lists her name as Fanny.  Her tombstone says, “Fanny.”  Jacob’s death certificate issued Aug. 9, 1910, in Marion County, Ohio.  The death notice appears in the Aug. 13, 1910, edition of The Marion Weekly Star of Marion, Ohio.  Her tombstone lies against Peter's.  (3) Information on the children comes from Jacob's obituary and the 1840 Census of Big Island Township, Marion County.  In correspondence in 1999, Barbara Porter of Lakeside, Ariz., reported that Jacob and Mary Frederick appear in estate records relating to Peter and Fanny in Marion County land records, Vol. 23/24, page 565. She also said that Jacob appears to have had a sister named Eva Caroline, who married Green Miller in 1837 in Marion County, and a sister named Sarah, who married Charles C. Warner.  This all sounds very promising but I have not yet had the opportunity to check the property records.  It seems certain that Eve Caroline was closely related to a Henry Frederick, who lived in Marion County at the same time.  Henry posted bond when Eve was appointed guardian of her children after the death of her husband, according to “Marion County, Ohio, Records,” edited by Maxine Marshall, 1994, Marion, Ohio.  (4) The 1810 records are available in “Early Ohio Tax Records,” compiled by Esther Weygandt Powell, 1985, page 345.  (5) “The County of Ross, a History of Ross County, Ohio,” which is available at rossco_hist_greentwp.htm.  (6) Interestingly, the birth dates of Eve and Henry – as recorded on the tombstones cited on – compare very well to the older children counted in the 1830 Census.  Eve Caroline Miller was born Jan. 28, 1818, according to her tombstone at Pleasant Hill Cemetery in Big Island, Marion County.  Henry Frederick was born Feb. 2, 1814, according to his tombstone at LaRue Cemetery in La Rue, Marion County.  In addition, one of two listing for Even in “Ohio, Deaths and Burials, 1854-1997,” at indicates she was born in Tuscarawas County.  The second listing indicates she was born in Pennsylvania.  (7) “History of Marion County, Ohio and Representative Citizens,” edited and compiled by J. Wilbur Jacoby, 1907, pages 104-105.  Peter’s proprietorship of the hotel is also mention in “The History Of Marion County, Ohio,” 1883, page 652.  (8) The graves are listed at under Pleasant Hill Cemetery in Big Island, Marion County, Ohio.



    Jacob Frederick was born in May 11, 1825, to Peter and Fanny Frederick in Ross County, Ohio. (1)

    Jacob was married three times.  In 1848, Jacob married Mary McDaniel, who died in 1862.  In 1864, he married Catharine Dove, who died in 1873.  After “several years as a widower,” Jacob married Mary Smallwood. (2)

    Jacob’s children with Mary McDaniel: (3)

    Fanny Elizabeth, born July 21, 1849.  Married Alexander Hedges.

    Nancy Jane, born about Feb. 20, 1851.  Married Thomas W. Pangborn.

    Amanda Mary, born Oct. 13, 1852.  Married Jacob Sylvester Brady.

    James Henry, born Oct. 15, 1854.

    Sarah J., born about 1856.

    William J., born about 1857.

    Jacob’s children with Catharine Dove:

    Richard, born about 1864.

    Caroline, or Carrie, born in 1868.  Possibly married Frederick Forider.

    Clarinda, or Clara, born April 12, 1870.  Married Henry L. James.

    Robert, born about 1871.

    Olive Elnora, or Nora, born March 8, 1872.  Married Thomas C. McDaniel.

    In addition, Jacob’s obituary says that the marriage to Katie was “blessed with six children.”  However, only five have turned up in records.  Either this is a mistake or one died before the 1880 census.

    Jacob’s obituary says, “He moved from Chillicothe to Big Island in his youth.”  This is a reference to Big Island Township, Marion County, where his father appears in the 1840 Census.

    Jacob appears to have established his own homestead before he was 20 years old.  He is listed as a real estate owner in Jackson Township, Wyandot County, Ohio, when it was separated from Hardin County in 1845. (4) 

    On June 8, 1848, Jacob married Mary McDaniel, who was born about 1831 in Ohio.  It’s very likely that she was the daughter of James McDaniel, who also lived in Jackson Township. (5)

    The 1850 Census lists Jacob as a 23-year-old farmer in Jackson Township.  His wife was 19-year-old Mary.  The only other occupant of his household was the 1-year-old Elizabeth.  Jacob is not listed as owning any real estate.

    The 1850 Census’ agricultural schedules provide a good look at the Fredericks’ farm.

     The farm covered 40 acres of improved land and 40 acres of unimproved land, the value of which is not stated.  Jacob owned farm implements and machinery worth $100.  The livestock included 3 horses, 1 milk cow, 11 sheep and 20 swine, valued at a total of $195.  The farm produced 100 bushels of wheat, 200 bushels of Indian corn, 90 bushels of oats, 24 pounds of wool, 3 bushels of peas and beans, 25 bushels of Irish potatoes, 50 pounds of butter, 4 tons of hay and 60 pounds of maple sugar 15.  The value of the animals slaughtered was $15.

    The 1860 Census lists Jacob as a 34-year-old farmer in Jackson Township, with real estate valued at $2,000 and personal property valued at $150.  In addition to his wife Mary, 28 years old, his household included Fanny E., 11; Nancy, 9; Mary M., 7; James K. 5; Sarah J., 4; and William J., 3.

    Mary died Feb. 8, 1862 and was buried at Jackson Center Cemetery in Wyandot County. (6)

    On June 16, 1864, Jacob married Catharine Dove in Wyandot County. (7)  Catharine, who was known as Katie, was probably the daughter of Richard and Sarah Dove.  The Doves appear in the 1860 in Jackson Township, Hardin County, which abuts Wyandot County. (8)  In 1860, the Doves had a 15-year-old daughter named Catharine.  In addition, Katie and Jacob’s first son was named Richard, probably after Richard Dove.

    The Fredericks moved to Marion County, Ohio, sometime before Nora was born in 1872 in Morral.

    Tragically, Jacob was widowed again in 1873. (9)

    Jacob’s obituary reports that he remained a widower for several years before marrying “Mrs. Mary Smallwood.”  However, Marion County records show that Jacob Frederick married “Mrs. Mary Baker” on Nov. 4, 1876.  It seems likely that Smallwood was her maiden name and Baker was her surname during her first marriage, although the opposite is also possible. (10)

    In the 1880 Census, Jacob is listed as a farmer in Montgomery Township, Marion County.  His wife is listed as Mary, who was 44 and had been born in New York.  No children younger than Nora are listed, which would seem to indicate that Mary had no children with Richard before this point.

    Mary died about 1887 and the children then lived with a cousin, Vesta, and her husband Riley Davis. (11)

    It appears that Jacob’s faith was very important to him.  His obituary says, “He ever believed in God and in the power of Christ to forgive sins, and many years ago he united as a member of M.E. church at Forest, and ever lived a humble, faithful Christian.”  His funeral was held at the Pleasant Hill Methodist Church, attended by the Rev. J.A. Sutton of LaRue, who also wrote Jacob’s obituary.  The obit goes on to say: “Years ago, when pastor of the Big Island church, I formed a very pleasant acquaintance with Father Frederick.  He favorably impressed me with his kind, tender, loving mien and manner and it is with pleasure that I now think of him, his genial ways and gentle words.  He frequently attended church service and gave me every assurance that he was endeavoring to lead the life of a true, humble Christian, merely waiting on the border to pass from us into the summer land above.  J.A. Sutton.”

    Late in life, Jacob suffered from economic and health problems.  The 1910 Census of Marion, Ohio, lists Jacob as an inmate of the Marion County Infirmary in Marion Township.  The census indicates that Jacob was an 84-year-old widower who was not able to read or write.

    The notice of his death in The Marion Weekly Star indicates that he had been “removed to the infirmary over 10 years ago.  He was at one time a well-known farmer, but was overtaken by misfortune and lost all he had.”  His obituary notes: “For years past he was in failing health, and slowly and surely descended to the tomb, dying of age and its attending infirmities, leaving ten children, forty-three grandchildren and sixteen great-grandchildren.” (12)

    Jacob died Aug. 8, 1910.  He was buried at Pleasant Hill Cemetery in Big Island Township. (13)

   (1) Parents are listed as Peter and Elizabeth on Jacob’s death certificate issued Aug. 9, 1910, in Marion County, Ohio.  His obituary in Aug. 20, 1910, edition of The Marion Weekly Star of Marion, Ohio, lists his parents as Peter and Fanny Frederick.  It's likely that her name was actually Fanny Elizabeth, the same as Jacob's daughter.  The obituary also says that he was born on May 11, 1875, but that is obviously an error since it says he was 85 years old.  It also says he moved from Chillicothe, which is in Ross County, when he was young.  His father is listed in the U.S. Censuses for 1820 and1830 in Green Township, Ross County.  (2) Frederick's obituary lists each marriage briefly.  Details on each marriage follow below.  Another marriage involving a Jacob Frederick appears in Wyandot County records, but it appears to involve a different man. On June 22, 1854, a Jacob Frederick – possibly a cousin – married Mary Drum. The marriage is recorded in Wyandot County Probate Court Marriage Book 2, page 105.  The couple appear in Ohio Township, Franklin County, Kan., in the 1860 Census.  (3) All information on Nora comes from her funeral book.  Confirmed in “Ohio, Births and Christenings, 1821-1962,” index,  Fanny’s information comes from her death certificate, which was recorded Jan. 18, 1919, in Marion County, Ohio.  Clara’s information comes from her death certificate, filed in Wyandot County, Ohio, on Jan. 1, 1940.  Jane’s information comes from her death certificate, filed Jan. 14, 1924, in Marion County.  Amanda’s comes from her death certificate, filed March 18, 1939, in Marion County.  James Henry’s parents and birth date are listed in the Illinois death records available through  Other children’s names and birth dates come from the 1850 Census of Jackson Township, Wyandot County, Ohio; the 1860 Census of the same township; and the 1880 U.S. Census of Montgomery Township, Marion County, Ohio. The last name of Carrie’s husband comes from an unpublished McDaniel genealogy provided by Ardeth Semler of Arlington, Ohio, in 1989.  A Carey Forider is listed as the spouse of Frederick Forider in the 1900 Census of Marion, Marion County, Ohio.  Her birth date is listed as May 1868.  Elizabeth’s marriage is recorded in “Marion County, Ohio – Marriages – Vol. 7,” extracted by Allen L. Potts, available at /Marriages/marr7ef.htm.  The McDaniel genealogy attributes four children – Richard, Henry, Emma and Jane – to Jacob’s third wife, Mary.  However, Jane was born in 1851, which would make her the daughter of Mary McDaniel.  Henry’s death record specifically states that his mother was Mary McDaniels.  It seems certain that Richard was Catharine’s son since his age, according to the 1880 Census, would put his birth during Jacob and Catharine’s marriage.  In addition, Nora’s funeral book lists Carrie, Clara, Robert and Richard as siblings but doesn't list her known half- or step-siblings, which would seem to indicate that Richard was her full brother.  Finally, since Emma’s name doesn’t appear in the census records cited above, it’s uncertain how – or if – she fits into the family.  (4) “The History of Wyandot County, Ohio,” page 835.  Jacob’s name appears – out of alphabetical order – at the end a list of real estate owners for that year, which may indicate that he was a late addition.  (5) Wyandot County Probate Court Marriage Book 1, page 104.  (6) “Wyandot County, Ohio, Cemetery Burial Records,” page 380.  (7) Wyandot County Probate Court Marriage Book 3, page 179.  The death certificate of her daughter Clara states that her first name was Caroline, but this seems unlikely in light of other evidence.  (8) Richard Dove is listed as a 39-year-old Farmer who was born in Virginia.  Sarah was 35, and was born in New York.  Their children were: Catharine, 25; William, 13; Sarah E, 11; Electia Ann (probably the name was really Electra Ann), 9; Mary Eta, 7; Emily, probably 7; John, 1; and Harry, 1.  All of the children were born in Ohio.  (9) Barbara Porter reported that Catharine Dove Frederick died Aug. 5, 1873 at Big Island, Marion County, Ohio, of consumption.  (10) The marriage to Mary Baker is found in “Ohio, Marriages, 1800-1958,” at index,  The image reveals her identification as “Mrs. Mary Baker.”  (11) McDaniel genealogy.  (12) The death notice appears in the Aug. 13, 1910, edition of The Weekly Star of Marion, Ohio.  (13) Jacob’s death certificate issued Aug. 9, 1910, in Marion County, Ohio.






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