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The earliest known McDaniel ancestor was James McDaniel, who was born in Delaware about 1802 and migrated to Ohio in the early 19th century. Although the origin of the McDaniel family is unknown, it probably came from Scotland or Northern Ireland where many Scottish families settled before coming to America.

Thomas and Elnora McDaniel, about 1893

Updated: July 2005

James B. McDaniel was born on Sept. 30, 1802, in Delaware. (1)
Married Nancy Hannah on March 11, 1830, in Wayne County, Ohio. The ceremony was conducted by J. Taylor, justice of the peace. Nancy was born Jan. 2, 1812 in Westmoreland County, Pa. (2)
Children: (3)
Susannah, born about 1831.
Jane, born about 1833.
John, born about 1835.
Thomas, born Nov. 15, 1835.
Elizabeth, born about 1839.
Peter, born May 14, 1841.
Margaret, born about 1845.
Nancy, born about 1847.
James R., born in 1857.
Probably Mary, born about 1830 or earlier.
In the 1830 Census, James McDaniel appears in Franklin Township, Wayne County, Ohio. James and Nancy were the only people listed in the household.
James purchased 80 acres Wayne County in 1828, 80 in 1828/29 and 20 in 1833. The property that James purchased came from land that was sold to support the schools in Wayne County. (4)
In the late 1830s, the McDaniels moved to Jackson Township, Hardin County, Ohio. The family appears there in the 1840 Census, with one male under 5, one male 5-9, one male 15-19, one male 30-39, one female under 5, three females 5-9 and one female 20-29.
Their portion of the township became part of Wyandot County when that county was formed in 1845, so they are listed among the first settlers in Jackson Township in "The History of Wyandot County, Ohio" and "Atlas of Wyandot County, Ohio." (5)
The McDaniel’s farm was an early center of activity in Jackson Township. "The first schoolhouse was on the lands of James McDaniels, and built in 1840, and the first teacher was Henrietta Henderson. The first preaching was at the schoolhouse and cabins of the early settlers." (6)
In 1845, James served as Jackson Township’s first treasurer. (7)
The only family recollection of James’ children, other than of John, is of James Robert, who was a reporter for a newspaper in Forest, Ohio. Since he never seemed to miss anything, he was known as "Wide Awake."
In the 1850 Census, James is listed as a farmer in Jackson Township with property valued at $1,000. In the 1860 Census, he is listed as a farmer with real estate valued at $2,000 and personal property valued at $200.
The 1890 Census of Civil War veterans lists both Thomas McDaniel and Peter McDaniel of Jackson Township, Wyandot County, as veterans who served in Company I of the 192nd Ohio Vonuteer Infantry from February to September 1865.
Nancy died March 26, 1877, of "lung fever." James died in April 7, 1879, of "plurisy." The are buried at Jackson Center Cemetery in Wyandot County. (8)
(1) Date of birth comes from "Wyandot County, Ohio, Cemetery Burial Records," page 380, by subtracting age at death (76 years, six months and seven days) from date of death (April 7, 1879). Place of birth comes from 1850 Census. The best candidate for James’ father at this point is Allen McDaniel, who appears in the 1820 Census in Paint Township, Wayne County, Ohio. Allen was 45 years old and had a son who was 17 years old – just right for James. In addition, Alexander Hannah lived in the same township. The This information comes from "The Federal Census of 1820, Wayne County, Ohio," by Richard G. Smith, page 40. In the 1830 Census, Allen appears in Salt Creek Township. By that point, his household contained only one male 50-59 and one male under 5, one female 30-39, one female 15-19 and one female under 5. (2) "Early Marriage Records of Wayne County, Ohio, Vol. I, 1812-1832," by the Wooster Wayne Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution, page 145. Nancy’s last name in confirmed on the death record of her son, Thomas, which is listed on his death certificate, filed in March 1911 in Wyandot County. Date of birth comes from "Wyandot County, Ohio, Cemetery Burial Records," page 380. Place of birth listed in Wyandot County death records. (3) Except for Mary, the children are listed in the 1850 and 1860 censuses, Wyandot County. Thomas’ birth date and parents recorded on his death certificate. The birth dates of Thomas and Peter are listed in "Wyandot County, Ohio, Cemetery Burial Records," page 380. It seems very likely that the McDaniels also had a daughter named Mary. Jacob Frederick married a woman named Mary McDaniel on June 8, 1848, according to Wyandot County Probate Court Marriage Book, page 104. James’ family was the only McDaniel family in the area. (4) "Early Land Records of Wayne County, Ohio," compiled by Richard G. Smith, pages 127, 133 and 144. (5) "History of Wyandot County," page 834 and "Atlas of Wyandot County," page 22. (6) "Atlas of Wyandot County," page 22. (7) "History of Wyandot County," page 836. (8) "Wyandot County, Ohio, Cemetery Burial Records." Dates come from Wyandot County death records.

John McDaniel was born Jan. 5, 1835 in Wayne County, Ohio, to James and Nancy McDaniel. (1)
Married Artemissa Warner on Feb. 25, 1857. Artemissa was born April 9, 1834 in Seneca County, Ohio, to Edward and Sophrona Warner. (2)
Children: (3)
Thomas Calvin, born Oct. 15, 1866.
George W., born April 2, 1867.
William W., born 1874.
Mary A., born 1879. Married Walter Streby.
John. E.
John was a farmer in Jackson Township, Wyandot County, Ohio. In the 1860 Census, John is listed as a farmer living near his father in Jackson Township. The census does not indicate that he owned any real estate but does say that he owned personal property valued at $150. In the 1900 Census, John still appears as a farmer in Jackson Township.
John apparently suffered greatly because of rheumatism. A newspaper item printed just before his death says: "John McDaniel, an old gentleman living with his son, one and one-half miles northeast of Forest, is in a very critical condition, suffering from a complication of rheumatism and paralysis." (4) John’s obituary says, "He had been a great sufferer for about 25 years, and yet he bore it with unusual patience, waiting to be released by the messenger of death." According to the 1880 Census, John had been unemployed for 10 months as of June 3, 1880 because of rheumatism. There is also a check under the space for "maimed, crippled, bedridden, or otherwise disabled." This would have been about 22 years before his death.
His obituary also provides the following information: "During the first pastorate of Rev. D.C. Garrison, at Forest, he professed conversion, and never lost his faith in Christ. Looking forward to the time of release from present suffering, he at time seems even anxious to depart and ‘be with Christ which is far better.’ He is said ot have been very happy near the close, and urged all to trust God and live christian lives. We trust this dying request will be granted by all the bereaved relatives."
Artemissa’s obituary syas, "Mrs. McDaniel had for many years been a member of the Forest Methodist Protestant church and when able to do so was one of its most faithful attendants, and always showed a deep interest in the welfare of the church."
John died Jan. 16, 1902. Artemissa died March 1, 1916, at the home of her son, George in Jackson Township. They are buried at Jackson Center Cemetery near Forest. (5)
(1) Date and place of birth come from obituary in Jan. 23, 1902, edition of Wyandot Chief of Upper Sandusky. Parents’ names come from 1850 Census, Wyandot County, Ohio, in which John is listed as a 15-year-old living in their household. (2) Wedding date appears in "Marriage Records of Hardin County, Ohio, From 1833 to 1865, Inclusive," by the Fort McArthur Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution. Parents’ names, birth date and birth place are listed in Artemissa’s obituary, which was clipped from an undated and unidentified newspaper. Artemissa’s birth month is listed as April 1839 in the 1900 Census of Jackson Township, Wyandot County, Ohio. However, the census also lists her age as 66, which would make her birth year 1834. (3) All four sons are named in Artemissa’s obituary. Mary is mentioned only as a daughter who predeceased her. Children are listed in the 1880 U.S. Census. John E. isn’t listed in the 1880 Census, but according to the 1910 Census, Artemissa gave birth to another child who died. Also, a John E. is listed in her obituary. Mary’s husband is listed in an unpublished McDaniel genealogy provided by Ardeth Semler in 1989. (3) The cited newspaper item appeared in the Jan. 16, 1902, edition of Wyandot Chief. (5) Artemissa’s date of death comes from the March 3, 1916, edition of the Daily Chief.

Thomas Calvin McDaniel was born Oct. 15, 1866 near Forest, Ohio, to John and Artemissa (Warner) McDaniel. (1)
Married Olive Elnora Frederick on Jan. 3, 1893. Nora was born March 8,1872 in Morral in Marion County, Ohio, to Jacob and Katie (Dove) Frederick. (2)
Children: (3)
Auber Luray, born Oct. 24, 1893.
Leo Harold, born Oct. 3, 1895.
Maurice Celester, born Aug. 31, 1897.
Faye Isabella, born April 13, 1900. Married Louie E. Price.
Lorena Lillian, born Aug. 16, 1902. Married Lawrence Russell Young.
Garnet Leona, born June 13, 1905. Married Merton White Hover.
Pansy Ruth, born Feb. 3, 1911. Married Ray Clifford Parish.
Family members sometimes spell the name McDaniels.
Thomas was a farmer and he served on the Delaware Township Board of Education in Hancock County, Ohio.
The McDaniels were members of the Mount Blanchard Methodist Church. Thomas also belonged to the Knights of Pythias lodge in Mount Blanchard.
Thomas died July 31, 1944. "He had been in failing health for nearly a year and a
half and seriously ill since last Tuesday," according to his obituary. Nora died March 28, 1955. He "death was caused by senility," according to her obituary. The McDaniels are buried in Mount Blanchard Cemetery.
(1) Information comes from obituaries in unidentified newspapers, except where noted. Thomas’ parents are listed in his obituary and in the 1880 Census, Wyandot County, Ohio. (2) Nora’s obituary and her funeral book. (3) The children are listed in Thomas and Nora’s obituaries but their dates of birth and the first names of the daughters’ husbands are listed in an unpublished McDaniel genealogy provided by Ardeth Semler in 1989.

Family of Thomas C. and Elnora McDaniel, 1940s.

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