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9712 Water Tank Platform

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Can be purchased with or without the Bachmann tank

   The 9712 Water Tank Platform converts your Bachmann tank car into a raised water tower for servicing steam locomotives. This structure uses the same brass spout and counter weights that the 9310 Water Towers use, along with a pumphouse located at the back of the bent structure. This structure serves as a cost effective solution for those railroads requiring many water stops along the journey.  An excellent choice for small short lines or logging railroads.

   With all of the tank platforms, the metal work is of brass and the wood is redwood. They can be obtained in our standard colors (link to Color Selection), or they can be obtained as raw redwood. Pumphouse roofs can be either cedar shingles, tarpaper or metal.

   Don't have an extra tank car to convert ??  No problem. Send us an email and we will be happy to quote you a price on a complete platform with a tank!

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