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Sylvia's (Bullmoon's 'Opuakea) and Leroy's (Schardale Mystic Warrior) litter of 4 (2 girls & 2 boys) puppies were born April 25th.
 Sylvia and Leroy's "Finale" litter consists of 1 white girl with a red smut eye patch, 1 white girl with a black eye brow, 1 white boy with black markings on both ears and 1 all white boy.
All of those interested, please contact Lorie by email. Lorie.


Here are the newest kids at Bull Moon:
Puppy #1 at 6 weeks. Puppy #2 at 6 weeks.
Puppy #1, white girl with a red smut eye patch.  For now, we call her ...
Puppy #2, white boy with black markings on both ears. For now, we call him ...
Puppy #3 at 6 weeks. Puppy #4 at 6 weeks.
Puppy #3, all white boy.  For now, we call him ... "Whitey" Puppy #4, white girl with a black eye brow. For now, we call her ... "Brows"
Puppy #3 at 6 weeks.
"Hey!!  Give grandma a call or send her an email ... ASAP.
We are just about ready to go to our new homes!!" Whitey.
Syl's full brother. Muz's full sister.
MUZ & his "Evil Eyes" trying to get you to come visit, play ball or toy toss outside.
He is SYLVIA's full brother.
SYLVIA.....her close-up for the tear jerking opening & closing scenes, in the Disney movie: Space Buddies.
Our youngest home bred. Leroy
ANAKIN is our little 'shy' boy & half brother to MUZ & SYL. LEROY, is our first import from the land down under. He tested PLL "CLEAR" and is available at stud to "PLL TESTED" & approved bitches. On the other hand, LEROY wants a girl who can cook Italian.
MUZ, SYL, ANAKIN, LEROY & the litter's web pages are coming soon.


Sylvia as Spudnick See the Bull Moon Girls' acting debut at .....
Connie as Spudnick
"Space Buddies" in training & behind the scene's pages are coming soon.


Thanks for visiting our world!
We truly eat, sleep and **** mini bulls and wouldn't have it any other way!
If you have a question that's not answered on our site, feel free to ask.
We are here to educate.
For puppy inquiries and/or an application to be "considered" for our waiting list,
email Lorie at:
If you live locally or are planning a trip to Southern California, give us a call.
Our mini kids would love to meet you. Just make sure you bring cookies.
They will let you in, but might
NOT let you leave!


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High Desert Mavericks. Supporters of the High Desert Mavericks Baseball Club, the Class A-Advanced California League Affiliate of the Seattle Mariners. Mavs mascot, Wooly Bully.
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For information about Miniature Bull Terriers or inquiries about upcoming litters,
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