Erie County, PA Scanner Frequencies
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FrequencyDescriptionService Code
155.130Albion PolicePolice
155.430Corry PolicePolice
158.730Corry PolicePolice
155.130Edinboro PolicePolice
155.430Edinboro PolicePolice
460.050Erie City Police - F-1Police
460.200Erie City Police - F-2Police
460.250Erie City Police - F-3Police
460.400Erie City Police - F-4Police
155.370Erie City PolicePolice
155.640Erie County Sheriff - Channel 2Police
155.685Erie County SheriffPolice
155.970Erie County SheriffPolice
158.790Erie County Sheriff - Channel 1Police
453.8625Erie County SheriffPolice
460.400Erie County SheriffPolice
460.5375Erie County SheriffPolice
45.10Erie County SheriffPolice
45.14Erie County SheriffPolice
45.180Fairview PolicePolice
155.130Girard PolicePolice
155.130Lake City PolicePolice
460.150Lawrence Park Township PolicePolice
154.800Millcreek Township Police - Channel 1Police
155.130Millcreek Township Police - Channel 2Police
158.940Millcreek Township Police - Channel 3 (Rpt input)Police
453.300North East Police - OperationsPolice
155.130North East PolicePolice
155.580State Police - Lawrence Park (Base)Police
154.950State Police - Lawrence Park (Mobile)Police
154.665State Police - Girard (Base)Police
158.910State Police - Girard (Mobile)Police
154.920State Police - Channel F (Base)Police
154.830State Police - Channel F (Mobile)Police
155.445State Police - Narcotics InvestigationPolice
155.460State Police - TAC 1Police
154.755State Police - TAC 2Police
155.475State Police Nationwide Police ChannelPolice
866.0125State Police - Nationwide IntersystemPolice
866.0125State Police - Nationwide IntersystemPolice
867.5125State Police - Nationwide IntersystemPolice
867.5125State Police - Nationwide IntersystemPolice
868.0125State Police - Nationwide IntersystemPolice
868.0125State PolicePolice
868.1125State PolicePolice
868.2375State PolicePolice
868.3625State PolicePolice
868.4875State PolicePolice
868.6125State PolicePolice
868.7625State PolicePolice
868.900State PolicePolice
42.60State PolicePolice
158.850State PolicePolice
460.475State Justice DepartmentPolice
154.710Union City PolicePolice
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FrequencyDescriptionService Code
33.88Erie County Fire - Channel 3
33.94Erie County Fire - Channel 4
33.96Erie County Fire - Channel 2
33.98Erie County Fire - Channel 1
33.52County Fire Communications
33.60County Fire Communications
453.550County Fire Communications
460.550County Fire Communications
153.830A.F. Dobler Hose & Ladder Company
154.430Erie Fire Department - F-1 (Dispatch)
154.145Erie Fire Department - F-2 (Fireground)
154.235Erie Fire Department - F-3
154.355Erie Fire Department - F-4
453.3375Millcreek Fire Dept. - Esper
453.3750Millcreek Fire Dept. - East
453.4125Millcreek Fire Dept. - Presque Isle
453.500Millcreek Fire Dept. - Dispatch
453.950Millcreek Fire Dept. - West
33.16Wattsburg Hose Fire Police
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FrequencyDescriptionService Code
47.42American National Red Cross (Erie)
155.220Emergycare - LifeStar
462.950Emergycare - Med 9
462.975Emergycare - Med 10
463.000Emergycare - Med 1
463.025Emergycare - Med 2
463.050Emergycare - Med 3
463.075Emergycare - Med 4
463.100Emergycare - Med 5
463.125Emergycare - Med 6
463.150Emergycare - Med 7
463.175Emergycare - Med 8
463.650Erie Dental Arts
151.685Hamot Medical Center
152.0075Hamot Medical Center - Paging
155.280Hamot Medical Center
461.325Hamot Medical Center
461.4875Hamot Medical Center
461.5125Hamot Medical Center
463.325Hamot Medical Center
464.125Hamot Medical Center
466.0375Hamot Medical Center
466.0625Hamot Medical Center
466.0875Hamot Medical Center
466.1125Hamot Medical Center
466.6375Hamot Medical Center
466.6875Hamot Medical Center
466.7625Hamot Medical Center
466.8125Hamot Medical Center
469.3125Hamot Medical Center
469.3375Hamot Medical Center
469.3625Hamot Medical Center
469.4125Hamot Medical Center
453.075Health South Rehabilitation
463.525Lake Erie Institute of Rehabilitation
463.650Lake Erie Institute of Rehabilitation
461.725Med Stat Ambulance Service Inc.
463.425Metro Health Center
155.220National Ski Patrol System (Fairview)
155.265National Ski Patrol System (Fairview)
155.340National Ski Patrol System (Fairview)
155.220National Ski Patrol System (Venango)
155.265National Ski Patrol System (Venango)
155.340National Ski Patrol System (Venango)
151.685Saint Vincent Health Center
155.280Saint Vincent Health Center
155.340Saint Vincent Health Center
163.250Saint Vincent Health Center - Paging
453.025Saint Vincent Health Center
457.550Saint Vincent Health Center
457.575Saint Vincent Health Center
460.6625Saint Vincent Health Center
460.6875Saint Vincent Health Center
460.7125Saint Vincent Health Center
460.7375Saint Vincent Health Center
460.7625Saint Vincent Health Center
460.7875Saint Vincent Health Center
460.8125Saint Vincent Health Center
460.8375Saint Vincent Health Center
460.8625Saint Vincent Health Center
461.400Saint Vincent Health Center
463.9875Saint Vincent Health Center
466.2125-469.4625Saint Vincent Health Center (Numerous Low-Power Frequencies)
151.805Stairways (Erie)
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FrequencyDescriptionService Code
154.995County Emergency Management/HazMat
39.06County Services
154.025County Services
154.085County Services
158.955County Services
154.980Erie Airport Authority
173.2875Erie Airport Authority
158.835Albion Borough Services
151.010Amity Township - Highways
151.010Conneaut Township - Highways
39.10Corry City Services
155.145Edinboro Borough Services
159.180Elkcreek Township - Highways
151.100Erie City - Streets Dept.
153.590Erie City - Utilities
159.165Fairview Township - Highways
158.820Fairview Township Services
159.105Franklin Township - Highways
155.715Girard Borough Services
155.715Girard Borough Services
154.085Greater Erie Community Action
45.36Greene Township Services
154.115Greenfield Township Services
159.060Harborcreek Township - Highways
159.195Harborcreek Township - Highways
155.760Lake City Borough Services
155.895Lawrence Park Township Services
156.165Leboeuf Township - Highways
156.225Mc Kean Township - Highways
156.105Millcreek Township - Highways
159.075Millcreek Township - Highways
155.715Millcreek Township Services
851.0625Millcreek Township Services - Trunked
851.6875Millcreek Township Services - Trunked
852.0625Millcreek Township Services - Trunked
852.3875Millcreek Township Services - Trunked
852.8625Millcreek Township Services - Trunked
159.630North East Township - Highways
33.02Springfield Township - Highways
156.180Summit Township - Highways
159.120Union Township - Highways
45.36Venango Township Services
45.08Washington Township Services
156.195Waterford Township - Highways
151.010Wayne Township - Highways
155.895Wesleyville Borough Services
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FrequencyDescriptionService Code
47.30State D.O.T. - F-1 (Base)
47.38State D.O.T. - F-1 (Mobile)
47.14State D.O.T. - F-2 (Unit-to-unit)
453.0375State D.O.T.
45.16State Emergency Management Agency
453.525State Emergency Management Agency
151.385State Parks Department - F-1
151.445State Parks Department = F-2
151.160State Forest Bureau - Statewide
151.175State Forest Bureau - F-1
151.295State Forest Bureau - F-2
151.385State Forest Bureau - F-3
151.400State Forest Bureau - F-4
45.04State Fish Commission - F-1 (Statewide)
44.96State Fish Commission - F-2 (Statewide)
44.84State Fish Commission - F-3 (Statewide Common)
44.64State Game Commission - F-1 (Statewide)
44.84State Game Commission - F-2 (Statewide Common)
44.88State Game Commission - F-3 (Misc. Use)
151.370State Game Commission - Statewide
44.80State D.E.R.
45.44State D.E.R.
153.800State Services
453.675State Services
453.700State Services
453.725State Services
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FrequencyDescriptionService Code
162.825Border Patrol
162.925Border Patrol
163.625Border Patrol
163.675Border Patrol
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FrequencyDescriptionService Code
462.050Adelphia Communications
451.450American Telephone & Telegraph
154.570Cablemasters Corporation
151.895Cablevision Industries
33.38Columbia Gas Transmission Corporation
153.590Erie Water Authority
451.325GTE North Inc.
461.300Harborcreek Sewer System
451.675MCI Telecommunications Corporation
47.96National Fuel Gas Distribution
48.74National Fuel Gas Distribution
48.78National Fuel Gas Distribution
464.7125National Fuel Gas Company
48.98National Fuel Gas Supply Corporation
48.20North East Heat & Light Company
462.150Northern Consolidated Power Inc.
48.00Pennsylvania Electric Company
48.40Pennsylvania Electric Company
48.46Pennsylvania Electric Company
48.52Pennsylvania Electric Company
864.3375Pennsylvania Electric Company - Trunked
864.3375Pennsylvania Electric Company - Trunked
865.5625Pennsylvania Electric Company - Trunked
865.5625Pennsylvania Electric Company - Trunked
865.6875Pennsylvania Electric Company - Trunked
865.6875Pennsylvania Electric Company - Trunked
451.3125U.S. Sprint Communications Company
462.475U.S. Sprint Communications Company
463.225U.S. Sprint Communications Company
464.7125National Fuel Gas Company  
47.96National Fuel Gas Distribution  
48.74National Fuel Gas Distribution  
48.78National Fuel Gas Distribution  
48.98National Fuel Gas Supply Corporation  
451.225Vineyard Oil & Gas Company  
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FrequencyDescriptionService Code
131.025Comair - Operations (Erie International Airport)
122.800Corry-Lawrence Airport - Unicom
126.050Corry-Lawrence Airport - Approach
121.000Corry-Lawrence Airport - Approach/Departure
132.400Corry-Lawrence Airport - Approach/Departure
122.100Corry-Lawrence Airport - F.S.S.
154.980Erie Airport Authority  
173.2875Erie Airport Authority  
154.570Erie Airways Inc.
154.600Erie Airways Inc.
122.800Erie County Airport - Unicom
118.100Erie International Airport - Tower
121.900Erie International Airport - Ground Control
120.350Erie International Airport - A.T.I.S.
126.800Erie International Airport - Clearance Delivery
121.000Erie International Airport - Approach/Departure
132.400Erie International Airport - Approach/Departure
122.100Erie International Airport - F.S.S.
122.950Erie International Airport - Unicom
462.8625Mesaba Airlines
122.800Moorhead Airpark - Unicom
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FrequencyDescriptionService Code
453.150Erie Metropolitan Transit Authority
453.200Erie Metropolitan Transit Authority
453.225Erie Metropolitan Transit Authority
152.270Erie Yellow Cab
152.390Erie Yellow Cab
157.530MErie Yellow Cab
157.650MErie Yellow Cab
160.290Allegheny & Eastern Railroad
160.425Allegheny & Eastern Railroad
161.460Allegheny & Eastern Railroad
160.485Bessemer & Lake Erie Railroad
160.545Bessemer & Lake Erie Railroad
160.830Bessemer & Lake Erie Railroad
160.860Bessemer & Lake Erie Railroad
161.010Bessemer & Lake Erie Railroad
161.220Bessemer & Lake Erie Railroad
161.310Bessemer & Lake Erie Railroad
160.800CSX Transportation
160.860CSX Transportation
160.590East Erie Commercial Railroad
161.100East Erie Commercial Railroad
161.250Norfolk & Western Railway Company
161.490Norfolk & Western Railway Company
160.545Norfolk Southern Corporation
160.710Norfolk Southern Corporation
161.130Norfolk Southern Corporation