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The first record of the surname O'Dowd was Aedh Ua Dubhda, the grandson of Dubhda, who died in 982. He was a member of the Ui Fiachrach, and according to the annals was a direct descendant of Dathi, the last pagan King of Ireland who, legend has it, was killed by a bolt of lightning as he led an army to the foot of the Alps in the 5th century.  Does the genetic signature of this Dubhda exist in living Dowds around the world?  DNA tests may provide the answer.  The early history of the clan is centered mostly in Connaught, or roughly the area of Counties Mayo and Sligo. 


How any of us O’Dowds/Dowds/Douds, etc… might connect to them or to each other is very difficult to prove with existing paper records. The DNA test is perhaps the only chance to begin to make those connections as many of the O'Dowd families have scattered to distant lands in the world and live there today. 


Update: a recent genetic study in Ireland has shown the possibility of the genetic signature of Niall (brother of Fiachra), or the Ui Niall, in North Central and Northwest Ireland today.   It is interesting to note that a majority of Dowds tested so far share (or are very close to) this signature.  See:


We have chosen FTDNA for our tests (group discount rates) and recommend at least the 25 marker test, as the 12 marker is not really detailed enough to confirm relationships or exclude them.  If you have results from any other lab I will be glad to include them on the results page.


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