Welcome to our Church

Welcome to Centenary United Methodist Church.

Centenary is a special church with a diverse congregation serving the greater Attleboro area.

We at Centenary would like to extend an invitation to you to join our church family and become involved in the life and ministries of this community. We want to meet your needs in faith and fellowship while supporting your desire to address the greater social concerns in the community and world.

Our Mission

We are called to be disciples of Jesus Christ, growing in the Holy Spirit through the worship of God and fellowship with each other, in order to acitvely minister throughout the world.

Our Vision

We believe God is calling us to spiritually prepare ourselves for ministry to the world. As members of the Body of Christ, we will help each other to grow in relationship with Jesus Christ through teaching, witnessing, serving and transforming lives. We will welcome all people into our faith community by embracing them with honesty and love. We will open our doors for programs that will meet people's needs. We will go out our doors with God's grace, to discover and attempt to meet those trials and tribulations revealed.

Our Values

We believe in the value of humanity, for we are made in God's image including all of God's children regardless of race, culture and lifestyle.

We believe in Ministry. All people are called by God to do ministry; some are ordained and some are lay.

We believe in personal spiritual growth through biblical understanding gained by participating in:

We believe in the stewardship of:

We believe in a faith community including:

We believe in outreach:

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