The Voice of Charles Williams

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When my former voice teacher, McLean Bosfield retired to Mexico, she sent me and my voice to Charles Williams. After a short time of blessed relief and affirmation working under his tutelage, I asked him to work with Sweet Honey In The Rock. For more than a decade now Charles, a true patron saint of the voice, has been integral to our foundation for healthy singing.
- Dr. Bernice Johnson Reagon, Founder of the Grammy Award-winning vocal group, Sweet Honey in the Rock

Charles Williams understands the voice as an instrument and teaches you to play it better and play it safely. As professional folk singers for over 20 years, we can hear the difference that only a few sessions with Charles makes. Tone, breath control and increased confidence are all benefits of his wisdom. We wish we had met him 20 years ago. His vocal lessons have improved our skills as singers and changed our way of thinking about how to construct and execute vocal parts to songs. From classical to folk, he's ready to help you play your instrument, the voice, better!
- Two-time Grammy Award-winning folk music duo, Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer

My singing group, Brock and the Rockets, and I have worked with Charles Williams over the past six years. In the course of our working together, Charles began as a great vocal coach and then gradually became a close friend and spiritual resource for each member of the group. Charles's teaching is invigorating, informative, reinforcing, plain stretching, spiritual, powerful. He is equally at ease with unschooled amateurs and trained professionals.
- Brock Holmes, founder of Brock and the Rockets

I had never taken a voice lesson. A friend asked me to sing Ave Maria at her son's wedding. In just four lessons, Charles Williams bolstered my confidence and provided me with the basic skills for the job. After the wedding many people told me I sounded like a professional.
- Pam Linnell, student at Augusta Heritage Festival's Vocal Week

I will continue to enjoy my newfound bass notes. How can I keep from singing?
- Graham Dean (student at the Summer Acoustic Music Weekend (SAMW), sponsored by WUMB, University of Massachusetts, Boston)

Charles Williams has an immense knowledge of his area, music and voice production. He is a natural-born teacher. His innate humanity gives him a kindness and a sparkle that are rare in any profession — indeed rare in any human being. His voice is immense and his spirit is immense, and you feel it every minute that you're with him. I count myself lucky to know Charles Williams, and double lucky to count him as my teacher and my friend.
- Ken Ludwig, internationally acclaimed, award-winning playwright (Crazy for You, Lend Me a Tenor)

I drove all the way back to North Carolina with the top down, singing, hitting notes formerly out of my range. I'm no longer shy about my voice -- I'll sing anywhere, anytime!
-Dean Driver (student at the Summer Acoustic Music Weekend (SAMW), sponsored by WUMB, University of Massachusetts, Boston)