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We grow 40 acres of live Christmas trees in the most popular varieties. Most of our customers enjoy wandering the hills looking for the perfect tree for their living room. When they find it, a few quick strokes with one of our tree saws makes it ready to bring back. We’ll shake the loose needles free, wrap it snug, and help you load it for transport in your vehicle.


We have trees in the following varieties, in sizes up to 10’. (A few larger trees may be found by those with sharp eyes, although we don’t keep track of them and cannot guarantee their availability.)


                Fir:                       Fraser Fir

                                                Canaan Fir

                                                Concolor Fir


                Spruce:              White Spruce

                                                Blue Spruce


                Pine:                    White Pine

                                                Scotch Pine

                                                Austrian Pine

                                                Border Pine




If you want a truly fresh tree but prefer not to cut your own, we keep a supply of ready-cut trees, harvested within the past few days, in the barn. Pick the one you like best and we’ll do the rest.


All cut trees are the same price regardless of size.


Other items


We also sell wreaths, pine roping, Christmas tree stands, and tree disposal bags for after Christmas. Enjoy coffee, tea, or hot chocolate in our barn while you’re here.





Last updated 8/21/2011