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Old Family Photo
Spring Lake, New Jersey about 1920. Hazel Appelget 1890 - 1984, Elizabeth Appelget Stillwell 1912 - 1997, Dr. Eliphalet Barkalow Stillwell 1883 - 1963, James Henry Stillwell III 1920 - 1984.

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Welcome to my family history page. I began this page on November 25, 1997 and it remains a labor of love. You should revisit this page periodocally because I will be adding more information, photos, stories, and memories as time goes on. On your return visit you are encouraged to check the What's New page to see what has been added since your previous visit.

This site may still be a bit sparse, but it may also prove to be useful. So for now browse around and enjoy. If you have any queries, and certainly if you have any additional information, you can contact Chris Stillwell at

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In 1698 Jeremiah Stillwell, the youngest son of Lt. Nicholas Stillwell and his wife Ann, set off from his birthplace of Long Island and headed for the relatively unsettled lands of the Province of East New Jersey. He found his way to Monmouth County. Jeremiah prospered in this new home, buying lands in Middletown and Shrewsbury. He held local government offices and was appointed Captain of the Militia. He had five children with one of his sons being named after him, Jeremiah.

Jeremiah Jr. followed in his father's footsteps in taking up public offices and was likewise appointed Captain of the Militia. He was an active churchman and an incorporator of Christ Church, Shrewsbury in 1738. He married Rebecca Ashton and together they had at least 10 children. Jeremiah died 18 February 1758 and was buried at Middletown, NJ.

The youngest son of Jeremiah and Rebecca was Joseph Stillwell born March 12, 1747. Joseph was a master carpenter by trade and is said to have built the first Court House in Monmouth County. He married Jemima Throckmorton and they resided about four miles southwest of Freehold in a house built by Joseph himself. They lived through the tumultuous times of the American Revolution. Part of the Battle of Monmouth was fought on farmlands upon which Jemima had grown up. Joseph and Jemima were blessed with the births of 9 children only to have to bear the heart ache of burying 4 of them before the age of 2 and a fifth at the age of seventeen. Joseph and Jemima first found their resting place in St. Peter's Churchyard in Freehold. Later they were moved to Maplewood Cemetery where their white marble headstones can be seen today next to the five brown sandstones of their five children who predeceased them.

Their son Jeremiah was the twin of Job who died in 1788 just before his second birthday. Jeremiah married Ann Boud and they had a farm in the area that was to become known as Stillwells Corner. They had a family of 7 children. Just a few miles from Maplewood Cemetery the graves of Ann and Jeremiah can be found in the Bethesda Methodist Church Cemetery in Adelphia.

The youngest child of Ann and Jeremiah was James Henry Stillwell. On Christmas of 1850 James married Elizabeth Cook. Together they continued farming at Stillwells Corner and had 8 children. They were also buried in the Bethesda Methodist Church Cemetery just across Wycoff road from Jeremiah and Ann.

One of the 8 children of Ann and James was a son also named James Henry Stillwell who married Rebecca Barkalow, a girl from a neighboring farm. James and Rebecca had two sons, Eliphalet Barkalow Stillwell and Vernon Cook Stillwell. James and Rebecca were buried in Maplewood Cemetery in Freehold, New Jersey.

Eliphalet went on to become a dentist. He married Hazel Appelget from Bennett's Mills, NJ. They resided in Spring Lake, NJ where Dr. Stillwell had his practice. Two children were born to Eliphalet and Hazel, Elizabeth Appelget Stillwell and James Henry Stillwell. Eliphalet died in 1963 and Hazel in 1984. Both were buried in Maplewood Cemetery in the family plot next to Eliphalet's parents.

James H. Stillwell married Margaret Christine Thompson of Chapel Hill, NC and together they raised five children. James' occupation as a petroleum geologist took him outside of New Jersey. He was the first in his family line since 1698 to live outside of Monmouth County, New Jersey. Yet when he and Christine passed away in 1984 they were both buried in Maplewood Cemetery with his parents and grandparents.

In March of 1997 my Aunt Elizabeth Stillwell Brown died and was also buried in the family plot in Maplewood Cemetery. Her death marked the passing of an era in our family history. For eight generations and almost 300 years our family had lived and died in Monmouth County, New Jersey.

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I have a web version of my ahnentafel chart that includes 12 generations.
My wife's ahnentafel is also available.

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Are we cousins? Think we might have a common ancestor? Then download or view one of these zipped GEDCOM files. You can view these files online using my Java applet Gen Viewer. Refer to the Gen Viewer Applet introduction page for more information on using this applet and to find out how you can get a copy for your own web page.
This file contains over a thousand individuals. Many are from Monmouth Co., NJ, with roots back to Long Island, Rhode Island, and elsewhere. Another large group, my mother's line, is from North Carolina, primarily Orange and Alamance counties.

Surnames in order of frequency are Thompson 137, Stillwell 79, Cook 74, Woolley 54, Throckmorton 45, Barkalow 45, Lippincott 39, White 37, Cowdrick 33, Nelson 28, Applegate/Appelget 27, Stout 25, Boude/Boud 24, Bennett 19, West 17, Morford 16, Reeves 15, Ashton 14, Farrar 12, Sykes 11, Earl 11, Smith 10, Leonard 10, and many more!
The file for my wife's family has over 1,300 individuals from Alabama, Georgia, Virginia, and else where.

Surnames in order of frequency are Smith 148, Acker 113, Taylor 57, Strahl 46, Brasfield 45, Buckman 41, Jarrett 39, Wiley 31, Pittman 28, Lee 27, McCain 26, Wilson 25, Ashton 23, Vance 20, Conner 19, Brown 16, and others.

Up Help Wanted

I could really use some help finding out information about these individuals and families.
Charles Henry Appelget
Need to identify his parents as well as other children if any.
James Sykes
Need information on his parents and his wife Nancy.
Ann Boud
I need to be able to prove that John Boud and Ann Woolley are her parents. In general I would like any information on the Boud/Boude family.
Jeremiah Stillwell
Need to identify his wife.


A collection of stories, newspaper clippings, and photographs. Currently only two areas are open. The Photo Gallery had its grandopening December 6, 1997 and the Reading Room followed on December 10, 1997.

The Photo Gallery

The Photo Gallery currently houses 18 photographs spanning 5 generations. Last updated December 9, 1998 and I still have more to add, so check back soon.

Class of 1900. Photograph of my grandfather's graduating class from Freehold High School in Freehold, NJ. I would greatly appreciate any information on any of the other individuals in this picture.

The Reading Room

This area will contain various articles, published and unpublished, which relate to our family history. The article on Stillwells Corner is the first to arrive. Others to come are an article on my Grandfather published in the History of Monmouth County, New Jersey, 1922, a newspaper article about a family farm in Bennett's Mills, NJ, as well as another article that contains a brief description of my Great-grandfather's farm from my mother's side of the family in North Carolina.
The Stillwells in England
The first two pages of Dr. John E. Stillwell's four volume work, Stillwell Genealogy, give an account of the origin of the Stillwell name with its appearence in England as early as 1324.
Notes on Lt. Nicholas Stillwell's Spouse(s)
Many of us have found published works which state that Lt. Nicholas Stillwell first married Abigail Hopton, who bore his two eldest children, and then second, married a Dutch woman named Ann Van Dyke, by whom he had the remainder of his children. Is this fact or fiction? See what Dr. John E. Stillwell had to say in his 1929 Stillwell Genealogy.
Stillwells Corner
A brief description of my Great-grandparent's farm near Freehold, NJ. Illustrated with some photographs from the early 1900s.

Virtual Cemetery

A virtual cemetery for family members who are buried in various real cemeteries, but collected into one space. Can't travel across the country to visit these sites? Then take a stroll through the virtual cemetery hosted on the Find a Grave site. Contains inscriptions, photos, and notes of family members gone but not forgotten.
Stillwell FamilyExternal Link

Up My Genealogy Library

Books and other resources that I have. More to come as I get time.

Bible Records

Stillwell Bible Records
Records copied from Stillwell family Bible. Contains Stillwell family records from 1747 to 1871, primarily covering the Joseph Stillwell and Jemima Throckmorton family and the Jeremiah Stillwell and Ann Boud family.
Elizabeth Cook Stillwell Family Bible
Family Bible owned by Elizabeth Cook Stillwell who married James H. Stillwell. Published in 1812 it contains Cook and Stillwell family records from 1725 to 1898.
Rebecca Barkalow Stillwell Bible
Family Bible owned by Rebacca Barkalow Stillwell who married James H. Stillwell II. Contains Barkalow and Stillwell family records from 1834 to 1938, covering her family and parent's family.
Strickland Family Bible
Family Bible records for Barkalow Strickland and his wife Abbie Bennett covering the dates from 1810 to 1920.


Bethesda Methodist Church
The Bethesda Methodist Church in Adelphia, Howell Township, Monmouth Co., New Jersey was founded in 1779 and is considered to be the oldest Methodist Church in Monmouth County. Many of our family were buried in this church cemetery.
Lower Squankum Friends CemeteryExternal Link
A Quaker burial ground that was established in 1778.


Lt. Nicholas Stillwell
The last will and testament of Lt. Nicholas Stillwell dated 1671. Transcribed from microfilm.


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