Strickland Family Bible

Barkalow son of Corne-
lius and Mary Strick-
land was born Dec 7th

Abbie Bennett daughter
of Moses and Patience
Bennett was Born -
March 3rd 1815

Patience Strickland
Born Dec 13rd 1833

Moses I. Strickland
Born Sept 15 1835

Lizzie Strickland
Born Nov 18th 1837

Annie Strickland
Born March 18 1840

William P. Corbit Strick
land Born Dec 30th 1844

Barkalow Strickland
and Abbie Bennett were
united in the Holy Bonds
of Matrimony by the Rev
T. G. Stewart. Feb 2nd

Wliiam Matthews
and Patience Strickland
were united in the Holy
Bonds of matrimony
Aug 31st 1854.

Moses I. Strickland
and Althea Cottrell
were united in the Holy
Bonds of Matrimony by
the Rev. M. C. Stokes
Feb  1859

John B. Cowdrick to
Lizzie Strickland by
the Rev John Parker
March 1st 1865

Amos A. Wolcott to
Annie Strickland by
Rev. S. F. Wheeler. June
the 22nd 1865

Benjamin F. Chambers
to Eleanor Strickland
by Rev T. Westcott March

Rev. W. P. C. Strickland
to Josephine Beegle by
Rev. H. B. Beegle
March 4th 1868

Cornelius Strickland
Died June 22nd 1846

Mary Strickland
Died Jan 25th 1865

Moses Bennett
Died April 6th 1846

Patience Bennett
Died June  1821

Barkalow Strickland
Died May 26th 1873

Lieut. Moses I. Strick_
land Died Jan 18th 1863

John B. Cowdrick
Died March 8th 1870

Abbie Strickland
Died Aug 23 1887

Annie Wolcott --------- July 2 - 1906
Elizabeth Cowdrick ---- Sept (1) - 1912
Patience Matthews ----- July 27 - 1919
William        "        ------ Jan 3 - 1920
C. Harry Appelget ----- Aug 25 - 1920

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