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Site is Back, Up and Running!

Since I have no additional bits of substance to share with you folks at the moment, I'll leave you with the info on the About page for now.


First and foremost, welcome to The Zone of Unconsciousness, a strangely-named project that I began back in 2004 in order to keep track of the creative writings that I had done over the years. It has since expanded, thanks to Youtube and other fun sites, to video works and such. This site will be updated very sporadically, as it is ultimately a place where I can store all of my creative works, and such works will come up ... as they come up.

What's with the fonts?

I am a huge fan of mono-spaced fonts. I grew up playing MUDs, and I frequently find myself drawing ASCII charts of things, so I prefer fonts like fixedsys and courier new. In my eyes, it gives the site more of a minimalist feel, which is something I stress. You'll find nothing fancy here on this site ... just tables and basic CSS. Simple elegance is important, I think.

Any questions or comments can be directed to me via e-mail.

Thank you, and enjoy your stay!