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Client & Fuller

Client & Fuller – you (Client) and me (Fuller) pursuing mutual goals as partners.

Clients are primarily information management and graphic arts organizations including manufacturers, publishers, service providers, vendors, and smaller end users. Projects are based in the mid-Atlantic area.

I provide on-demand management support for installing and implementing equipment and technology for my client partners. I emphasize objectivity and integrity in representing their interests in my decisions and actions.

These "as-needed" services apply engineering techniques and management savvy to hardware, software, instruction, analysis, selection and the supervision of resources. My work is mostly hands-on and practical. It is furnished as an independent contractor.

Also offered are shop and computer capabilities for developing, modifying, testing and filling gaps in project requirements.

The success of Client & Fuller depends on delivering increasing value to clients throughout long term relationships. The basis for doing this is through efficiently rendering the best-possible quality and quantity of service of which I am capable.

I will not undertake a project unless it offers a cost-effective solution.