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Our first trip to Africa! We're thrilled to have started off 2013 with such an amazing trip --much of it shared with our long-time close friends, Don and Todd. Don is working in Addis Ababa for a couple years, so he was able to act as our de facto tour guide in the city.

We were also lucky to have enough time to venture off to Bahar Dar to see Lake Tana and its island Orthodox monasteries, along with the Blue Nile Falls. After Bahar Dar was Lalibella, home to treasured rock-hewn churches below ground level.

Hopefully, the rest of 2013 will bring an opportunity to return to Bali for a couple weeks this summer. Jamie's new academic calendar associated with work at Harvard University Health Services is great for its quantity of vacation time each year, but a little restrictive when it comes to the timing of leave. It'll be fun though to see Bali at a time other than our standard November excursion.

Now that our president has been inaugurated for a second term, and Massachusetts can be 100% proud of its 11-member Congressional delegation again, we can also hope that our own country and Commonwealth will continue its long course toward social justice, universally accessible health care, sustainable economic development, and foreign policy that values respectful dialogue and diplomacy. These are the values that we carry with us as American travelers and we are very fortunate to have that opportunity.

We love to travel and are grateful to have the opportunity to do so, but it's our hope that our website will give you a well rounded introduction to all the things that we love. Namely food, airplanes, maps, wine and, well, each other!

So please, read on. And thanks for visiting our humble corner of the Web.

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Picture of man and wife standing in front of house in rural Ethiopia
Man and Wife in Rural Ethiopia

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