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An Amateur Radio logbook for visually impaired or disabled individuals - VERSION 1.04


If you have difficulty reading the small print in conventional logging programs, are visually impaired or have difficulty using a PC keyboard, TalkingLogBook has features that might make your operating experience easier or more enjoyable. The license for the program is free.
TLB is a basic logging program. An early version was described in the May/June 2006 issue of QEX magazine (see the Features page).  I hope that you find it useful.
Steve, WB5KIA

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The program works with Windows Xp "right out of the box."  It will also work with versions of Windows 98 and higher provided that the Microsoft Speech Engine SAPI 5 or higher is installed on your PC.  TLB does NOT work with Windows 95.  The voice recognition features will work only if SAPI 5.1 is installed.
The Microsoft Speech Engine SAPI 5.1 may be downloaded at no charge   

You will want to download the 68Mb file.

To find out if your PC already has the SAPI 5, go to Windows Start -> Settings -> Control Panel. If there is a Speech icon on the Control Panel and clicking on it indicates Microsoft English Recognizer v5.1 or v5.0, you have SAPI 5 . If you do not have SAPI 5.1 and you have a fast Internet connect, download the SAPI 5.1 at the address above and read the Help file to find out how to install all the SAPI features on your Xp or Windows 98 or later version of Windows.

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