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2/1/09 - We're back! If you visited here between early November of last year and yesterday (January 31, 2009) you would have come upon a dysfunctional version of this site. We apologize. Things seem to be working now but please let us know if there are any problems. Our dedicated and blameless sitekeeper can be reached for discreet recriminations here (really).

3/13/05 - added Busharama: Connecting the Real Dots by Following the Money to the Current Comment section. It can also be found here.

3/12/05 - uploaded neater site layout

2/27/05 - fixed broken links on Links page and created a Contact page

2/23/05 - added links to John. M Phelan's weblog Agitprop America on LiveJournal

9/20/04 - updated information in the About page, corrected a few typos in Pop Pop Pop: Public Opinion, Public Sphere, Public Relations in the Articles section and changed Sitekeeper e-mail address.

5/1/04 - updated Liberals versus Conservatives and other Conceits in Current Comments.

12/25/03 - added Liberals versus Conservatives and other Conceits to Current Comment.

3/1/03 - added Our Ironic President, Ironically Speaking to Current Comment.

1/31/03 - added Silence of the Lambs to Current Comments.

8/27/02 - updated About page and Courses page. Added a rants page called Current Comment.

11/10/01 - uploaded revised copy of Apartheid Media and Selling Consent in the Articles section. Also reformatting all articles. Check for updates.

9/10/01 - site published. Send the sitekeeper e-mail about broken links or other site problems/questions here. For questions about content, e-mail Professor Phelan here.