Chapter 1 Questions

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Chapter One Questions

1. How did the Paleolithic and Neolithic ages differ?

2. How did the Neolithic revolution affect the lives of men and women?

3. What rule did agriculture play in the emergence of civilization (doc pg 5)?

4. List and describe the seven main characteristics of a civilization (pg 7).

5. Where did the 1st civilizations emerge and why?

6. Describe the characteristics of the Mesopotamian civilization.

7. How did the geography of the Fertile Crescent increase the likelihood of conflict? (doc pg 9).

8. Describe the code of Hammurabi. Are there similarities to contemporary legal philosophies? What is the point of the Hammurabi code? (doc pg 11)

9. Identify the distinguishing features of each of the three Egyptian kingdoms.  How are they similar?

10. Explain how the geography of Egypt affected its development (pg 13-14 and pic pg 15)

11. Compare and contrast the Hymn to the Nile with the Hymn to the Pharaoh? (doc pg 14)

12. Describe the religious beliefs of ancient Egypt.

13. Compare and contrast the hymn to Aten with Psalm 104 of the Hebrew Bible. (doc pg 18)

14. Explain the existence of the megaliths in Egypt and Europe. What was their purpose?

15. Compare and contrast the religion of Egypt with that of the Hebrews.

16. Describe the cultural traits of the Assyrian empire.

17. Describe what Assyrian Kings believed was important to military success.

18. Describe the cultural traits of the Persian Empire.

19. Describe the religion of Zoroastrianism.

20. Compare and contrast the civilizations of Mesopotamia and North Africa.