Old Richmond Grocery Stores

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401 North 27th Street
Built c. 1812-1814

Believed to be the oldest surviving commercial building in Richmond, it was originally a grocery store.

Here are some photographs and notes regarding older grocery store locations in and around Richmond, Virginia. The years shown are the  references to the year that a location apperared in the Hill's City and Suburban directories and telephone directories.

A&P, 1932-1943, 2609 Midlothian Turnpike
Nothing left but the facade. Note the trees!

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Tuesday, June 6, 2006

Currently, I have over 675 addresses in my database of chain grocery locations in Richmond and the surrounding suburbs! Some are no doubt duplicates, and I'm sure I've missed others - I just found one I had missed today. While I sort through this mess I've created, I went ahead and posted six new Ukrop's pictures as well as the picture shown above of the oldest grocery building still standing in Richmond - doesn't seem to have ever been occupied by a chain store, though.
I've also began the process of "tightening up" the dates for the various locations. As I can determine more accurate opening and closing dates, I'll add them. Bear in mind that most of these dates are from city directories and can be off by a year (i.e. the 1981 directory was based on a canvass performed in 1980). I've also pretty much reached the limit of the easy access to city directories, but the only significant gaps I need to fill in are  1993-present, 1926-1931, 1916-1921, and pre-1915. Interesting how it's the oldest and newest stuff that's hardest to find.
2:52 pm est

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Thanks for looking. Check back for updates and hopefully better pictures!
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