Old Richmond Grocery Stores

River Road Safeway

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This former Safeway supermarket in the River Road Shopping Center retains pretty much its original appearance. It is now the Frances Kahn women's clothing store. This shopping center flooded after Hurricane Camille in 1969 and T.S. Agnes in 1972. Until the construction of the Powhite Parkway and Willey bridges, this location was difficult to access due to heavy traffic. However, the area demographics are excellent and the center thrives today with high-end specialty shops as tenants.


Street address is 6229 River Road. The original Safeway sign had gold letters on a dark green, almost black, background - no red. Safeway was open from 1960-1979, and the space was then used by a local grocery chain, Lukhard's, from 1980 to 1987. The landlord and Lukhard's terminated their lease by mutual agreement at that time so that the space could be subdivided into three retail spaces of around 5,000 square feet apiece.