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Here's a miscellany of stores. Blue Ribbon was a local chain with 20 stores in 1926, some of which became Pender's stores a couple of years later. The Safeway still has some of the fixtures inside and has been closed since the 1980's. The Beaufont Mall A&P was closed long ago, having never been really successful. When the Willow Lawn Giant was remodeled in the early 1990's, demolition revealed some of the original tile signage from the store's beginning (it had a pylon sign, as well). The Tuckahoe Village A&P was what might be described as a super sized "Centennial" store, and has only recently been remodeled into a Food Lion (January, 2006). The Hicks Road Kroger was originally built as a Hannaford, one of the few stores Hannaford built in the area before they were bought by Delhaize and their Richmond locations sold to Kroger.

110 N. Sheppard Street
1926 Blue Ribbon store

Safeway (1970's)
Staples Mill Road and Glenside Avenue

A&P (1970's)
Beaufont Mall

Giant Food (1959)
Willow Lawn S.C.

A&P/Farmer Jack's/Food Lion (1970's)
Tuckahoe Village S.C.

2801 Hicks Road - Kroger Plaza
built by Hannaford in 1999