Old Richmond Grocery Stores

Pender's, Colonial and Big Star Stores

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The David L. Pender Co. began to appear in the city directory around 1931. By 1941, a couple of their larger stores had been branded as Big Star, and by 1946, a couple of Little Star stores appeared. All of the stores became Colonial Stores by 1951.

Former Pender's at 9 N. 17th Street (c. 1941-1946)
Later became Nine-Eleven Market. Now Wildcat's bar.

940 West Grace Street
Pender's 1937-1941, Little Star 1942-1947, Colonial 1948-1960. Now VCU Police Department.

2501 W. Main. Pender's from c. 1931 to c. 1935
Now Davis & Main restuarant.

2130 W. Main St. Pender's in 1931.
Pender's gone by 1941. Now Rowland restuarant.

203 N. Belmont. Pender's in 1931.
Pender's gone by 1941. Now Chadwick & Son Orchids.

20 W. Main Street.. Pender's fron c. 1931-1946.
Now Richmond Lamp Co. Building dates from 1880.

4015 MacArthur Avenue
Penders from 1939 to 1946

13591 Midlothian Turnpike (in Midlothian village)
Originally a Big Star after Grand Union took over, later a Safeway. Now Midlothian Antiques Mall.

9163 Atlee Road, Mechanicsville
Originally a Big Star, this store has recently received a facelift for Dollar General.

3800 Mechanicsville Tpk - Glen Lea S.C.
Colonial from c. 1959, later Winn-Dixie

In 1931 there were 36 Pender's locations in Richmond. That number had dropped to 24 by 1935.

By 1941, there were 3 Big Star locations and 14 Pender's locations. In 1946, two Little Star stores joined the 3 Big Stars and the Pender's locations dropped to 10. By that time they had begun referreing to themselves corporately as Colonial Stores.

The 17 Colonial Stores locations in Richmond had dropped to 15 stores by 1963, promarily as the result of opening bigger supermarkets and closing older stores. The store count stood at 12 in 1970.