Old Richmond Grocery Stores


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These four early Sanitary Grocery locations never made the transition to Safeway. The earliest I have found Sanitary mentioned in the Richmond city directory is 1916, with one location, with which they muddled through until the late 1920's. They had 52 locations by 1931, 30 in 1941, and 22 locations in 1946. They became Safeways around 1942.

15 E. Main Street.. Sanitary in 1935.
This was a five and dime in 1941.

Built in 1890.

23 N. Belmont Avenue.
Appeared as Sanitary in 1931 and 1935.

This was a billiard parlor in 1941 and has been used for a variety of retail uses since.

2400 W. Main Street
Sanitary in 1931.

This has been a grocery store for most, if not all, of the time since it ceased to be a Sanitary store. It is now called "The Happy Corner".

103 E. Main Street
Sanitary in 1931.

Built in 1880.