Old Richmond Grocery Stores


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6206 Mechanicsville Turnpike
This store dates from the late 1960's - early 1970's

10618 Patterson Avenue, Canterbury Shopping Center
store dates from late 1960's, was closed by mid-1970's

319 W. Williamsburg Road, Sandston, VA
store dates from the late 1950's and lasted until the late 1970's

8905 Three Chopt Road - now Westbury Pharmacy
from c. 1963 to c. 1976

8151 Brook Road - Parham One Shopping Center
store built in 1980's

7220 Hull Street Road - 360 West Shopping Center
from c. 1970 to c. 1993

1356 Gaskins Rd - Gayton Crossing Shopping Center
Safeway from c. 1983, later The Grocery Store/Hannaford/Kroger

4816 S. Laburnum Avenue - Laburnum Square
Safeway from c. 1983, later The Grocery Store/Hannaford/Kroger

11400 W. Huguenot Rd - Shoppes at Bellgrade
Last Safeway built in Richmond (1993). Later The Grocery Store/Hannaford/Kroger

Safeway led the Richmond grocery market from the 1960's to 1985, when it had 26.5% of the local grocery market share (it had been as high as 30% in the early 1980's). It had entered the Richmond market as Sanitary Stores in the 1920's. In 1986, at the same time they were acquired by KKR in a leveraged buyout, Ukrop's passed them for the lead and their share declined steadily down to 12% in 1993.
On December 12, 1993, Safeway exited the Richmond market, with 7 of their 13 remaining Richmond stores being reopened the next day as The Grocery Store (Farm Fresh). Later, a few of the former Safeway locations passed to Hannaford when they entered the market by buying several The Grocery Store locations, and these locations passed to Kroger when Hannaford left the Richmond market.