Old Richmond Grocery Stores

Food Fair/Pantry Pride

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Food Fair arrived in Richmond around 1960 with new modern stores. Later they underwent a name change as did the rest of Food Fair to Pantry Pride. The Pantry Pride stores in Richmond were sold to A&P which continued to operate them under the Pantry Pride name until the remaining stores were converted to Super Fresh stores in 1986. A&P exited the Richmond market altogether on January 30, 1999.

Eastgate Mall (now Fairfiled Commons)
Food Fair from around 1967, later Pantry Pride, closed in early 1980's

4000 Mechanicsville Tpk. - Henrico Plaza
Food Fair from late 1960's, later Pantry Pride/Super Fresh

8910 Patterson Ave. - Maybuery North S.C.
1960 Food Fair, later Pantry Pride/Super Fresh