Old Richmond Grocery Stores

Grove Avenue near Libbie

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Not pictured (yet) are the former Lukhard's/Joe's Market at 400 Libbie and the Pender's at 5802 Grove.

5712 Grove Avenue
Formerly 5512 Grove Avenue

Now La Grande Dame women's clothing store, it was an A&P in 1941; by 1946 it was Libbie Market.

5800 Grove Avenue
A&P in 1926

5702 Grove Avenue
Formerly 5500 Grove Avenue

This was a Sanitary Grocery/Safeway from 1941 until the 1970's. It apparently replaced a Sanitary store that was at 5708 (5508) Grove Avenue in the early 1930's. It is now a Long & Foster/Bowers, Nelms & Fonville real estate office. 5708 Grove, the location of the older store, is now an alley between the Peking Restuarant and Westhampton Theatre.