Old Richmond Grocery Stores

Colonial Stores

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There are several former Colonial Stores supermarkets in the Richmond area. Most of them still sport the corrugated metal fascia, which apparently endures forever.

5807 Patterson Avenue
Colonial Store from around 1948 to 1954

501 E. Nine Mile Road - Highland Springs, VA
Colonial from c. 1957, Chuck's in 1976, later Trio's

Beverly Hills Shopping Center
8520 Patterson Avenue

In the Beverly Hills Shopping Center at what is now Patterson Avenue and Parham Road, this is now a Ben Franklin Crafts store. Interestingly, Ben Franklin in it's prior incarnation as a variety store/five and dime was originally a tenant in this center two doors up; they have expanded over the years so that they now occupy their original space, the former Lafayette Pharmacy space, and the Colonial Store space. Street address is 8520 Patterson Avenue, and the center opened in 1955. This location was a Trio's Supermarket briefly after Colonial closed.

6784 Forest Hill Avenue
Stratford Hills Shopping Center

Became a Peoples Drug store and then CVS until the early 1990's. Now contains a vacuum cleaner store, Tuesday Morning, and a thrift store operated by the Junior League. This store made the transition from Colonial to Big Star after Grand Union acquired Colonial. The Stratford Hills Shopping Center opened in 1954.


Here's another shot of the Beverly Hills Colonial. This store had the steel lattice sign tower common to many Colonial Stores originally. The towers have not survived as well as the corrugated fascia treatment.

2201 Columbia Street

Actually fronting on Bellemeade Road, the street address for this location is 2201 Columbia Street (1963). Again, the original metal tower is gone. It has been Gene's Supermarket for many years and may be the only former Colonial location that's still a supermarket.
Below is the Lakeside Avenue Colonial Store, which is being remodeled into what might have been called a "mini-mall" in the past.

6112 Lakeside Avenue