Old Richmond Grocery Stores


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A&P's first Richmond location opened in 1881 at 709 East Broad Street. That building was torn down in 2004 to make way for the new U.S. Courthouse. By 1884, they had two stores in Richmond, and their store count remained at two until around 1915. By 1916, they had 6 stores in Richmond, which increased to 30 stores by 1921 and a whopping 69 stores in 1926. The store count dropped to 40 in 1931, but went up to 44 in 1941, before the closing of the many small "economy" A&P stores and the beginnings of their venture into supermarkets.
By 1951, there were 15 A&Ps in Richmond, and this count stayed somewhat stable for the rest of their stay in Richmond, although they did acquire 10 Pantry Pride locations in the early 1980's and operated them under the Pantry Pride name for a time.
A&P was granted concessions from their union in 1986 to stay in Richmond, and their stores were converted to the Super Fresh format; later some were converted once again to the Farmer Jack format. They had 10 stores in Richmond when they closed their Richmond operations on January 30, 1999.
A&P also had warehouse, distribution, and bakery operations in Richmond, the largest of which opened in 1948 on Jefferson Davis Highway in South Richmond.

1559 E. Main Street
A&P from c. 1902 to c. 1906

316 N. 6th Street. Photo taken April, 1972
A&P from 1935 to 1974. Torn down for "Project One" office buidling and 6th Street Marketplace.

300 W. Clay Street
A&P from c. 1924 to c. 1941

106 N. Vine Street
A&P from c. 1921 to c. 1939

501 S. Pine Street
A&P from c. 1931 to c. 1943

200 E. Main Street
A&P from c. 1916 to c. 1926

305 Brook Road
A&P from c. 1921 to c. 1941

216 E. Main Street
A&P from c. 1931 to c. 1941. Replacement for 200 E. Main Street.

2420 North Avenue
store c. 1938, gone by mid-1940's

733 W. Cary Street
A&P from c. 1921 to c. 1939

6502 Hull Street Road
A&P from 1975, later Super Fresh

1401 Hull Street
A&P from c. 1931 to c. 1941

1217 Hull Street
A&P from c. 1916 to c. 1926

11 S. 15th Street
A&P c. 1931

1210 W. Main Street
A&P from c. 1931 to c. 1941

2232 West Main Street
A&P in 1935, vacant in 1941.

2621 West Main Street
A&P in 1935

304 N. Robinson Street
A&P from c. 1921 to c. 1926

421 Strawberry Street (formerly N. Addison Street)
A&P from c. 1931 to c. 1941

1914 W. Main Street
A&P from c. 1941 to the late 1970's

2 N. Thompson Street
A&P "Centennial" store, opened 1959.

3201 W. Broad Street
A&P from c. 1941 to c. 1963.

2700 Williamsburg Road
A&P "Centennial" store from c. 1960 to late 1980's

441 E. Belt Boulevard (Circle Shopping Center)
A&P opened c. 1960

2003 Huguenot Road
A&P opened 1973; later Farmer Jack.

11270 Patterson Avenue (Tuckahoe Village S.C.)
A&P from early 1970's; redeveloped as Food Lion in 2006.

5700 Hopkins Road (Meadowbrook Shopping Center)
A&P from late 1960's, later SuperFresh.