Old Richmond Grocery Stores


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Here are a few pictures I'm cramming into this page for lack of time...


Now a Stone Mountain Carpet and Total Wine & More, this was originally a Big Star and later a Winn-DIxie. Robious Crossing S.C., Robious and Old Bon Air Roads.


This Food Lion was originally a Safeway that opened in 1976 in the Meadowdale Shopping Center at Hopkins Road and Meadowdale Boulevard. This was one of the newer Safeways in the Richmond area.


Now a Farmer's Foods, this store in the Southside Plaza S.C. at Belt Boulevard and Hull Street Road was one of Richmond's two original Giant Food (Landover) locations in 1959. After Giant left Richmond, it was a Siegel's Supermarket, Farm Fresh, and Community Pride.


This isn't a grocery store, but sort of interesting. Now a Firestone store, it was the Meadowbrook Plaza Jerry Lewis Cinema. It was even a twin screen theatre, though tiny by single screen standards. Note the space age streetlight.