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This page was originally started because I wanted to learn HTML - that was a long time ago ;-)
It's just maintained sporadically now as a vehicle to share trip photos and useful links.
As always, this page is "in progress" & updated when I can find some spare time. 
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At Les Clos, one of the Grand Cru vineyards in Chablis (Burgundy), France

At Young & Co's "The Ram Brewery", Wandsworth, London

Photos of one of my favorite places - Little Cayman, one of the Sister Islands off of Grand Cayman. See satellite map here.

Here are some photos of my fall 1998 trip to Paris, and of my  fall 1999 trip to Paris and barge cruise in Burgundy. 

That last trip was so good, I went to Paris and Burgundy again in fall 2001

If you like what you see about barge cruising, give Ellen Sack, The Barge Lady, a call!

Here are some photos of my fall 1997 trip to Fattoria Camporomano, site of the Toscana Saporita cooking school in Tuscany. 

Some cooking tips I learned from Anne and Sandra are here.

Books I've read and recommend:

Tech Corner 

Firefix is my preferred browser. One reasons is that it can be customized to reflect your preferences using Add-ons. Following are some Add-ons that I find useful:
You can subscribe to any of several e-mailed Cyber Security Alerts produced by the Unites States Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT). I recommend the "Cyber Security Alert" subscription.


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                               With Jacques Pepin, at Boston University, Boston MA

Himself and Gladys
              With Gladys Howard, owner/manager of Pirates Point Resort, Little Cayman

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MIT Stuff

This young man must have seen my rat - he wanted to demonstrate the effect of Coriolis acceleration on those
funnels of water over the red pitchers...

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