Easy Free-form Sourdough Loaves

The dough is made as described here. It is formed and laid on "parchment" baking
paper in a heavy aluminum tray. It will be covered by a top consisting of the bottom
of a translucent clothing storage box. Two wetted cellulose sponges will also be
enclosed under the cover to help with humidity control.

dough.jpg, 16693 bytes

The tops were cut after about three hours.

tops-cut.jpg, 20013 bytes

After another hour, the loaves were ready for baking. The loaves on the aluminum
tray will be set in the oven towards its middle. No "baking stone" is to be used.

risen.jpg, 20828 bytes

After baking 40 minutes at 425F., from a cold oven start, the loaves have undergone
slight expansion in the oven. No attempt was made to introduce moisture to the oven
other than what was contained in the dough and generated by the burning of gas.

baked.jpg, 40885 bytes

The crumb was light and lacey.

slice.jpg, 45489 bytes

With a four-hour rise (at room temperature ~72F.), the bread was mildly flavored. For
the sake of more flavor development, the rise could be extended by deflating before
cutting the tops, and continuing with a second rise.

-Dick Adams 11JUL03

Here is yet another improvement.