So who the heck is Dick Adams?

(And what, if anything, is he good for?)

I am retired since 1997 and live with my wife Marianne and our cat in Canton, MA. My Massachusetts employers were:

We have a son Roland (born 1968) who lives in Cambridge, MA and a daughter Katherine (born 1962 to Audrey), who lives in Boulder Creek, CA. Marianne, now a US citizen, was born in Sweden, and had an early career in government and travel services in Stockholm. As a homemaker, she keeps busy with all kinds of urgent stuff. I, on the other hand, just sit around and play with my computer and musical toys (Example MP3). Sometimes I make sourdough bread, give free advice and fool around with my cameras and old photographs. I don't get as much exercise as I should, but I still get around on a bicycle* when weather permits, and do some resistance training. I am a Mr. Fixit, and have been collecting junk for years, most of which still needs to be fixed. In the summer I grow tomatoes. I am the primary cook and food shopper in this house, and sometimes help with the yard and gardens.

Other places I have resided and worked or studied:

Update Aug. 2008: Kate is married now to Robert Drake. Roland was married 6JUN2008 to Bethany Carland. I should get some more photos up (check here). Marianne is still busy. Muffin Man, the cat, now seems to be about 17 years old, but still very sassy. Now in our home there are 5 aging computers on the fast Internet (Why?? -- no good reason.), 3 networked printers, and lots more such stuff put away. I have lots of lawn mowers, snow throwers, appliances, and power tools because people throw them away or sell them cheap while they are still good or worth fixing. I have saved most of my radios and steros, and have bought even more. A major hobby is keeping the ink flowing in several inkjet color printers. Time to start throwing stuff away. (Can't seem to do it. "Analretentive", Professor Freud would have exclaimed.)

Update 2009: Our beautiful Siamese cat, Muffin Man, made his last trip to the vet on Aug. 31, 2009. He was 18 years old and still beautiful. There will never be a better cat. We grieved six weeks, then found "Rusty" at the shelter. Rusty was said to be three years old at that time. Rusty is an extremely polite and good-natured cat.

*About bicycles: I lied above. As of early 2010, I have not been on a bicycle for several years, except a stationary bike in our basement, which I do very regularly.

If time permits, I hope to add a synopis of my so-called career because so many things about it were really funny.

Anybody who thinks they know any of us from way back is hereby encouraged to get in touch by email.