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D.D. Martínez books, W. W. Norton's poetry site, includes a page for each author, complete listing of poetry titles, links, exclusive essays (see archive for past contributors), and audio poems. Free E-mail newsletter keeps you updated.

W.W. Norton & Company, New York • London

The Library of Congress brings to your screen letters from Hemingway and Emerson, Whitman's notebooks, over 1600 William Gottlieb photographs from the golden age of jazz...Not the easiest site to navigate, but worth the trouble.

The Academy of American Poets is one of the strongest poetry sites out there. Hear some of our most important poets read from their work. This site is highly recommended for educators who want to make poetry come alive in the classroom. has free music, poetry, video, software, and more.

The Poetry Society of America is full of very useful information, from contests to publications. Go to "Poetry in Motion" and use the interactive map to search for poets and poems from all over the United States. Another great resource for educators.

The Favorite Poem Project is the ambitious undertaking of U.S. Poet Laureate Robert Pinsky. With the help of many volunteers, Pinsky organized poetry readings throughout the country. Your neighbor, your co-worker, your child—a wide range of Americans reading their favorite poems and starting a new tradition. Pinsky and Maggie Dietz have edited an anthology with 200 of these poems. But Pinsky's dream goes far beyond the publication. Visit the FPP site for more details.

Project Gutenberg Project Gutenberg puts a library of classics at our fingertips. For anyone doing research, or families looking for innovative ways to introduce their children to good books, PG is the ultimate source of digitally re-published literature. The list of titles is constantly growing. This is meticulous work by people who are passionate about literature and who understand the role of the printed word in a digital age.

Brockport Writers Forum, aside from its marvelous reading series, has an archive of what is probably the largest North American collection of video interviews with writers. Dating back to the late sixties, the range of voices is truly astounding.

Poetry Daily Poetry Daily is always fresh: a different poem from a major print journal or book each day—with a bio of the poet and a note on the print publication. (Work remains in archive for a year.) A list of poetry news and reviews from the Web (cyber editions of major newspapers, journals, public radio, etc.) is updated daily. Weekly E-mail newsletter is free.

Human RightsHuman Rights Violations in Cuba, Tibet, China, and elsewhere. The site contains links to sobering reports by Amnesty International, the AOS Human Rights Commission, the Simon Weisenthal Center, the Committee to Protect Journalists, et al., as well as print and broadcast media accounts of repression around the world.

La Familia Pérez is, among other things, a mixture of Cuban history and folklore. It's one of the most entertaining and intelligent sites around.

Insula Verde includes quite a bit of work by the painter Humberto Calzada, the master of what I can only describe as impossible architecture. There is a hint of the surreal in his paintings, a sense that one is at the edge of the known world. This site provides biographical information as well as limited edition fine art serigraphs and digital prints by Calzada.

Poets & Writers magazine is a must for anyone seriously involved in the world of literature.

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