I am in the process of developing all of my applications to run on the iPhone and iPod touch.
If you have an iPhone or iPod Touch and would be interested in purchasing for this platform
pleas email me at

Cemetery - keep a record of information found while visiting a cemetery..... UPDATED
Crspndnc -
Keep a record of your genealogy correspondance..... UPDATED
Gen2Do - keep a list of things to do (and results) in your genealogy research..... UPDATED
GenRes - keep track of resource information you have found during your genealogy research..... UPDATED
MySearch - keep track of your genealogy research..... UPDATED
States - information about all 50 US states (state, abbreviation, capital, territory and statehood dates and state #..... UPDATED

Names of God - view the Hebrew spelling, Strongs # with pronunciation, meaning, scriptural reference & scripture.....
Promises of God - view what God says about 18 different situations in life that you may be going through..... UPDATED

MyHealth - MyHealth is a Palm application that lets you record information about your Doctor, Hospital, ..... UPDATED

Cemetery | Crspndnc | Gen2Do | GenRes | MySearch | States | Names of God | Promises of God | MyHealth

If you have a need for a custom database application for your Palm
contact me at:

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