The Montezuma Foundation is an outgrowth of the alumni group from the Montezuma Mountain Ranch School, a highly acclaimed private boys school that was accredited to all major universities in the United States. This school's philosophy of student government, work program, plus moral and ethical teachings, made it unique among private schools of its time. The school operated from 1910 to 1955 on a 300 acre campus, located on Bear Creek Road, near Los Gatos, California. This campus today is known as Presentation Center.

The foundation is a tax exempt public-supported organization established in 1988. Our goal is to help in the educational process of developing ethical leadership skills in the youth of today. Our main emphasis, at this time, is with High School-aged students.

Our ethical teachings are based on those of E.A."Prof" Rogers, founder and headmaster of Montezuma, during its forty-five years of operation. "Prof" Rogers was listed in both Who's Who in America and Who's Who of American Educators and was considered by many to be far ahead of his time in educational innovation.

"Prof," when asked what made Montezuma different from other schools, would reply "Montezuma is dedicated to democracy and to the best type of citizenship. We practice personal initiative, independence of judgment and clear thinking, rather than submission to a system, task work, tradition and conventionality. The teacher is a classroom chairman, guide and counselor; the faculty is a democratic council of experts. We strive to give students such instruction and training that they will choose to do the right thing unhesitatingly. They know it is right and see that it is best for their community, state, nation and the world."

Since 1988, the Montezuma Foundation has been sponsoring a three-day leadership conference, at Presentation Center, for high school students who are members of the "Junior Statesman of America". This is a national student-run organization, started at Montezuma in 1934. Currently it has over 15,000 active members in the continental United States, as well as Guam and American Samoa. Over 300,000 high school students have participated in this program since its inception in 1934.