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XooxleAnswers  is a professional online research service.  Our main page is XooxleAnswers.com and you can contact us here.
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You are at the XA-Annex site, a place to highlight our research results at our former position as researchers at Google Answers
Just below, you will find excerpts from one of our favorite Google Answers Q&A's...we'll change this from time to time.
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This client want to know all about About.  About.com, that is.  Traffic, revenue, business model, advertisers, site 'guides', the works. 
Here's a bit of what we were able to tell them:
Monthly traffic
In 2005, about.com had an average of:
   --29.3 million monthly unique visitors in the United States
   --42.6 million monthly unique visitors worldwide

In April of 2006, these numbers had increased to 31 million, US, and 48 million, worldwide
Monthly revenue
About.com had revenues of about $2.2 million a month for the first half of 2005.  By 2006, revenues had almost tripled, to almost $6.4 million.
Revenue per visitor

Each visitor to about.com generates:
    2005:  $2.2 million / 42.6 million = 5.16 cents per visitor
    2006:  $6.4 million / 42.6 million = 15.02 cents per visitor

Biggest contributors to revenue stream
   cost-per-click revenue:     $3.39 million
   display ad revenue:          $2.69 million
   e-commerce revenue:      $0.32 million  
Biggest advertisers

Best Buy , Disney, Verizon, SBC, Intel, Visa, GE, Wal-Mart, Vonage, Pfizer.
Among their newest heavy hitters are:
Microsoft, Nissan, Honda, American Express
Where does their traffic come from?
The vast bulk of their traffic -- about 80% -- comes directly from search engine result pages.  Only 5% of their visitors head directly to the about.com homepage

Sites and Guides
About.com has 500 main sites, each led by a Guide, i.e., a subject matter expert.  Within the main sites are sub-topics, and there are more than 57,000 total topics at about.com, with more than 1.3 million pieces of original content. 
The average Guide earns $15,000/yr.  Fifty Guides earn more than $50,000 and a handful are earning $100,000 or more.

To read the full Q&A, click here.
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