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Makiko Hirata,

Classical Pianist











"Her performance of Debussy (Fantaisie for Piano and Orchestra) was elegant, refined and beautiful. A revelation!" - Ruth Laredo, pianist

 "Makiko Hirata is one of the finest young musicians that I know. She always brings enormous joy with her artistry." - Jens Nygaard, conductor

"a performer with a unique talent capable of fusing her own imprint with that of the composer" - Elaine Strauss, West Essex Tribune 

"Makiko Hirata captured the public... with the execution with grace and temperament of a piece considered to be one of the most difficult within a pianists' repertoire (Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto No.2)."-Gaston Arce Sejas, Arco Iris Cultural   

Hirata has technique to spare, crystal clear articulation and a beautiful tone…She presente, Chopin’s (Concerto No. 2) musical lines without a hint of false sentimentality, each phrase seeming to come straight from the heart without artifice. The first movement was excellent, and I almost forgot to breathe during the second, which was a jewl…” -William Thomas Walker, Classical Voice of North Carolina. 


"…the incandescent fluency...amazingly lithe playing!"

-John Zeugner Telegram & Gazette Reviewer



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