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Awaiting Fax from Streisand Compound


Morning Sedition is Toast

              ...A Remembrance



Heed my words, Idolators...


If you're unaware of the radio renaissance that is--or has been--Air America's Morning Sedition, you have no right to consider yourself a discriminating media consumer, unless you're using "discriminating" in the civil-rights sense of the word. To wit: "I ain't much for some faggoty Jew's densely-layered topical humor."
Host Marc Maron is a brilliant riff-spitter who not only speaks his mind but drives you around in it while he does doughnuts in the parking lot, and with the help of avuncular knowledge-font Mark Riley, he's managed to frame the national debate as well as anyone, all while playing ringleader to some of the greatest comedy creations in any medium. If you've never made the acquaintance of the Milfington clan, you've got a Jim Earl-shaped hole in your life that simply can't be filled with Hank the Angry Drunken Dwarf or Daniel Schorr.
Read the rest here. Or don't, your time on this earth being finite and all. It's just a slightly retooled version of a dumb thing I sent around to get people to sign the petition. Hindsight being 20/20 it probably wasn't a great idea to proselytize on behalf of the show using references that only established fans would get.

Must Read!
The Inimitable General J.C. Christian
on the Pig Vomit Connection

Onion Choppers 
Somebody Bring a Cat in Here?


Those who never got to hear "Morning Sedition" have missed something special.
I thought it was funny and smart. Therefore, it has to be killed... There's a world of people to lecture and bore.
I can't wait for the next e-mail I get soliciting membership money from AAR. They'll get the response they deserve.
I made it a point to take as long as humanly possible to get wherever I was going to hear as much of Mark and Marc as I could. I honestly don’t know what I’ll be listening to next month.
Goldberg is really a wanker.
Raise your hand if your morning just got all screwed up.
...Back to drinking in the mornings to make work bearable.
Maron is one of the sharpest wits anywhere on the radio dial. How that translates into AAR wanting to get rid of him, I have no idea.
AAR has taken yet one more step toward mediocrity and terminal earnestness.
Someone is going to get Maron in the right vehicle and he'll kill, just like he does on stage and on Morning Sedition. Air America will be sorry he's gone.
The stuff that Maron and cast were doing was comedy with a message.
... A fantastic show for those willing to wake up at ungodly hours of the morning to listen.
...What can only be called brilliant.
This was the show that made me a talk radio fan for the first time in my life.
...The only reason to be up at 6AM that I know of.
Not much in the world of show biz gets to me, but this does.
Sure, they were doing a progressive take on the “Morning Zoo” type of show, but they were really good at it.
...My favorite thing for all of time... This marvelous piece of political satire will surely not be forgotten.
This was the best show on the network by a long shot, and their decision to pull the plug boggles my mind.
Freakin' management. I will blame them for any bad mornings I have in 2006.
It was the type of show you don't normally find on radio, and I think the decision makers at the network have made a mistake.
BTR News
Fast paced comedy and issues and great chemistry between the hosts...
My favorite show on Air America...
...Killing Morning Sedition does not help the cause.
With Stern moving to Sirius, Air America had the chance to take up the slack... They fucked that up royally by killing the only really funny syndicated morning show in talk radio.
...Maron was a comedic tour de force.
...As good as morning radio gets in this era of incompetent and malevolent governance.
This makes me sad.
There's really no reason for me to listen to AAR anymore.
Words cannot express my sorrow.
...The day that Air America Radio died.
Goodbye, Morning Sedition--your name alone should have kept you alive.
...I'd like to extend my thanks to Marc Maron & the rest of the Morning Sedition team for all their hard work. Bravo, fellas.

...Now for the final word on the subject, which comes from an otherwise laudatory piece and appears to have been written without irony:
"...Truth be told I never listened to the show, mostly because I don't want to be entertained in the morning."
        ~Anthony Lappe, Guerilla News Network
And that, liberal soldiers, is your phrase of the day.

Who am I?

Just another orgy-frequenting disciple of Marc Maron's dead cat Butch, ready to shred the suit and rend the flesh of a bourgeois pig at the drop of a beret. Your time would most likely be better spent at a more respectable tribute site, but for those peeing on today, my subpar but heartfelt attempt shall stand as a reminder of  when we woke up and our beds were filled with disgraced dioces, wonkish bookies, anti-Semitic stem cells, and free gum.

The links below hardly represent the full breadth of pro-Sedition online sentiment; I limited my focus to those who actively supported the show when it counted. Some are more worthy of your time than others, but they were all on the right side of history and for that they deserve props and traffic.


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Listen to the
Jew Go On 
And the Black Guy and the WASPy Supporting Cast and Pashman
If you've never listened to the show, your penance will be knowing what you're missing
Valuable additions to any iGod
I don't understand how anyone can be so funny; it must be magic
The fact that his genius goes unappreciated by the culture at large is shameful and ignominious
You might have to install Flash; deal with it
I have it on super-secret background authority that this dude's hilarious

Sheeple for the
A-Maron-Can Way
Okay, Now I'm Really Reaching
Yes, Virginia, there is a progressive online community not made up entirely of sanctimonious ballbags
Why are they talking about the issues?
The "spotlight on" piece is total bullshit but I'm being a completist here
Because Brian from Everett can't play hard-to-get forever
Honorable Mention:
They were fighting for Sammy's life there!
Now with Ted from Nebraska sat-cam
Alternate in-joke: Where's Pendejo?
Buh buh buh buh but Goldberg!

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