How To Use DVD Shrink to Reduce the Size of a DVD Movie so that it will fit on a single 4.7GB DVD-R or DVD+R!


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At this point I am not going to attempt to shrink directly from a Movie DVD instead, I will show the steps to shrink a DVD movie that you have already, decrypted to a folder on your hard drive.  First launch DVD Shrink, then take a good look at the DVD Shrink program window below.

Look at the DVD Shrink tool bar.  Click on the Open Files icon on the task bar and you will get a Browse for Folder window. In that window select the folder that you stored the decrypted movie files in. The Movie that I want to shrink is located in the following folder:  E\1 -A- DVD Movies Decrypted with DVD Decrypter\-5- Shapeshifter\

Once you have located and clicked on the correct folder you will see the Analysing window:

After DVD Shrink has finished Analyzing the movie, you will see the following window:

When that window appears, you are free to remove any check marks from the boxes under the word: Audio  PS: You must leave at least one box check marked.  After removing any check marks, click on the Re-author button on the task bar and you will see:

In that window, place your mouse pointer over Title 2 however; feel free to select either Title 2 or 3.  Usually when there are more than one title, one of them will be full screen and the other widescreen. To know for sure, click the small right facing arrow at the top of the small preview window.

After placing the mouse pointer over one of the titles, hold down the left mouse button and drag the title that you have chosen over to the DVD Structure window. The results are shown below: 

 Next Click on the Compression Settings tab and you will see:

As you can see there are three Audio versions and sometimes there are many more. I remove the checkmarks from the ones that I don't want to keep, and if there are any Subpictures (sub-titles), I also remove all the checkmarks from those as well. After removing all the checkmarks that you desire, click the Backup button which gives you the following window:

As shown in that window above, click the Browse button under  Select the target folder for DVD output files  which gives you  the following Browse For Folder window:

I then Browse to the folder that I want the Shrunk movie files to be placed in. My folder selection is shown below:

After the selection is made, click the OK button and the following window re-appears:

Notice that the Target Folder is now the folder that I want the shrunk files placed in.

Next click the Quality Settings tab, which brings up the following window:

Notice that the boxes to the left of: Perform deep analysis before backup to improve quality, and Compress video with high quality adaptive error compensation are grayed out. That is because the movie is already small enough to fit on a single DVD. If it were not small enough to fit on a single DVD, then the boxes would be dark and there would be checkmarks in both boxes.

Next click on the Options tab and the following window appears:

My only action on this window would be to make certain that there are NO Checkmarks in any of the Boxes shown.  If there are I advise that you Remove Them!

At this point you ready to click the OK button. Doing so will give you the following window:

When DVD Shrink has finished Shrinking the movie you will see the following window:

Upon completion you can burn the Shrunk movie to a DVD-R or DVD+R using Roxio Easy Media Creator 7.5  "Disc Copier" , CloneDVD 2, or Nero.


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