How to Use DVD Decrypter  and or  AnyDVD  to Rip a DVD Movie to your Hard Drive!

Download: DVD Decrypter it's Freeware!

Purchase: AnyDVD from

After you insert a movie DVD into your DVD burner or player, launch DVD Decrypter.  

Next take a good look at the DVD Decrypter program window, and you will see the following:

NOTE: If the files are not shown in the right window pane, on the Task Bar, click on Mode and click on FILE  F to place a checkmark beside it as shown in the picture below:

After doing that the DVD files should appear in the right window pane.

1. At this point it should be noted that DVD Decrypter is NO longer being updated, or supported. Since that is the case, I have purchased and installed:  AnyDVD, which is an excellent decryption program that can be run in conjunction with DVD Decrypter.  During the installation of AnyDVD  I chose the option to start AnyDVD each time that my computer is started. When you do that, you will notice the head of a Fox icon in the area near the time :

2. Because it is always running, when I put the Movie DVD into my DVD-ROM, I can click on the Red Fox Head icon and get the following information window:

3. I have also found that because  AnyDVD  is always running in the background, I can also simply copy all the files from the VIDEO_TS folder on the DVD directly to the E\1 -A- DVD Movies Decrypted with DVD Decrypter\-5- Shapeshifter\ folder on my hard drive and skip DVD Decrypter altogether. And yes, AnyDVD is updated regularly. 

Now to continue from before the previous,  3 numbered paragraphs;

In some but, not all cases, to the right of the word Label: you will see the name of the movie. Which in this case is:  SHAPE_SHIFTER_10185 and in the window to the right you will see all the files on that DVD.

The next step.  Under "DestinationCLICK on the Folder out to the right of the movie path which currently shows: E:\SHAPE_SHIFTER_10185\VIDEO_TS\  and the Browse For Folder screen appears:

Since I want this movie to be ripped to my E\1 -A- DVD Movies Decrypted with DVD Decrypter\-5- Shapeshifter\ folder, I (and you) must locate then double left click on folder to open it then click OK.

After clicking OK, notice that the Destination folder on the following screen, now shows: E:\...\-5-Shapeshifter\

The next step is to click on the Hard Drive Symbol to the right of the green arrow (shown below):

After clicking on the Hard Drive Symbol;  you have the following screen which shows the decryption in progress, will appear:

When the decryption process has been completed, you will see the following:

Upon completion you can either burn the decrypted movie to a DVD-R or DVD+R using Roxio Easy Media Creator 7.5 "Disc Copier" or CloneDVD 2 or Nero or further reduce the size of the movie using DVD Shrink, then burn it to DVD!

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